A pair of sterling silver baby Yoda earrings from 'Star Wars' sits on top of brown gravel.
This 'Star Wars' Jewelry Collection Has The Child Earrings & OMG They're Cute

Straight from "a galaxy far, far away," something cute has just arrived. New pieces from RockLove Jewelry's Star Wars collection have landed, and you may notice something too adorable to pass up on. Along with a new Imperial Credit Necklace, there's a brand new The Child — aka, Baby Yoda — pair of earrings that you need to satisfy your love for all things Star Wars.

You may remember RockLove's The Princess and the Frog and Mulan collections that are both gorgeous and pay homage to their films in the best way possible. Well, now, every Star Wars fan has something to add to their jewelry collection. The brand new earrings and necklace have been added to the full Star Wars collection that also includes Ewok and Porg pieces that are seriously adorable.

With necklaces, earrings, and a ring, there's something in this collection for everyone, whether you're a Jedi or in the rebel alliance or resistance. Pair your favorite Rey DisneyBound outfit with a Porg necklace for your cute "May the Fourth be with you" selfie, or rock your The Child earrings while watching The Mandalorian on Disney+. Either way, this is the collection you'll Obi-Wan-t to call your own.

Imperial Credit Necklace

Inspired by the currency used "in a galaxy far, far away," this necklace resembles the Imperial Credit from The Mandalorian. This gorgeous piece is both silver and yellow gold, so it will pair well with just about any outfit you have planned.

The Child Earrings

These The Child earrings are the epitome of adorable. If you can't stop aww-ing whenever you watch The Mandalorian, it seems fitting that you'd want to add these earrings to your collection. That way the cuteness will be with you, always.

The Child Necklace

Along with your The Child earrings, you may want to treat yourself to this The Child necklace, too, because why not? This sterling silver piece features the adorable character reaching out like he's using the force (or grabbing a cup of tea).

Ewok Necklace

If you have a soft spot for the fuzzy-looking characters that are Ewoks, check out this Ewok necklace from RockLove Jewelry. The design of this necklace has the sterling silver Ewok dangling off the chain with a spear in his hands.

Porg Necklace

To round out your adorable Star Wars jewelry collection, you need a Porg. This Porg necklace is not only cute, but it features black crystal eyes that'll add extra sparkle to your out-of-this-world look.

Porg Earrings

To go with your Porg necklace, you'll probably want these Porg earrings as well. The perfect pair features an adorable sterling silver Porg for each ear. Like the necklace, the earrings also have wide-eyed black crystals.

Jawa Necklace

You may remember the Jawa creatures that brought Luke, C-3PO, and R2-D2 together in the first movie, A New Hope. Well, now, you can sport your very own scavenger Jawa with this necklace from RockLove. Just like the characters in the movies, this sterling silver piece has bright orange eyes, but this time, they're made of crystals.

Boba Fett Ring

This Boba Fett ring looks just like the bounty hunter's helmet. The large ring is also three-dimensional, so you Fett-a believe it will stand out as a statement piece when you dress up for your next Star Wars movie night.