A frog necklace from Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog' jewelry collection by RockLove dangles off...
This 'Princess & The Frog' Jewelry Collection Has The Cutest Sparkly Beignets

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RockLove Jewelry debuted a new collection that's dedicated to your favorite New Orleans princess, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. Featuring sweet homages to the film, RockLove Jewelry's The Princess and the Frog collection is just what you need to shine brighter than Evangeline the star.

According to the official press release, RockLove CEO and designer Allison Cimino wanted to honor Disney princesses who embody the 21st century woman — and just like you, Tiana worked hard to reach her dreams. All she wanted was to open her own restaurant where she could serve delicious gumbo and beignets all day. The collection Cimino designed is meant to celebrate Tiana's Louisiana heritage and her frog-like symbolism with things like lily pads, crowned frogs, and even sparkly beignets.

RockLove's collection features everything you need to complete your Tiana DisneyBound look — from rings to earrings — so you'll be ready to snap Insta-worthy pics in New Orleans Square the next time you're at Disneyland. If you're all about the Disney princesses, this is also just the beginning. According to the press release, RockLove will debut additional princess-inspired pieces this year, including another fierce heroine, Mulan. So grab your wallet, because it's time to add more sparkle to your collection.

Crowned Frog Necklace

It wouldn't be a Princess and the Frog collection without some frogs. This adorable sterling silver Crowned Frog looks so dainty. The cutest touch is that the frog is wearing a little yellow gold crown, because it's royalty after all.

Water Lily Ring

The design of this Water Lily Pearl Ring is absolutely gorgeous and so subtle of a nod to The Princess and the Frog. Wear this with any outfit to give it that extra bit of sparkle, and add the Water Lily Pearl Earrings (, $99) to match.

Pave Beignet Pendant

Calling all the foodies out there. If you get hungry every time you watch The Princess and the Frog, because all you want to do is eat the beignets Tiana serves, then this necklace is for you. New Orleans is known for their delicious beignets, and this sparkling Beignet Pendant perfectly celebrates the delicious pastry.

According to RockLove CEO Allison Cimino, the beignet is meant to be a symbol of Tiana's work ethic and dreams that she got from her father, so it makes this piece even sweeter. Wear it with the matching Pave Beignet Earrings (, $75) that also have a layer of glittery white micro-crystals that are meant to resemble powdered sugar.

Lily Pad Hoop Earrings

A frog needs its lily pad, just like you need a good pair of hoop earrings for Friday night out on the town. And why would you go with regular hoops when you can wear Lily Pad Hoop Earrings instead? The sterling silver earrings are gorgeous and pair perfectly with the Water Lily Pearl Necklace (, $115) that's also featured in this collection.

Crowned Frog Ring

Who needs a bae when you can have your very own frog prince? This Crowned Frog Ring is an adorable statement piece that you can pair with just about any look. It matches the just as cute frog necklace, but the design of this makes it look like the frog is wrapping itself around your finger.

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