A Mushu necklace from the 'Mulan' RockLove Jewelry collection hangs from a magnolia flower branch.
This 'Mulan' Jewelry Collection Is Bloomin' & Beautiful

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RockLove Jewelry is at it again with yet another Disney collection that'll have fans rushing to click add to cart. If your favorite movie growing up was Mulan, and you plan on being first in line to see the new live action movie, you'll want everything in the Disney X RockLove Mulan collection. Featuring pieces from both the classic animated movie and the new live action film, there's something for everyone.

You may remember RockLove Jewelry's Princess and the Frog collection. Well, Mulan is the next princess to take the spotlight. If you want something to bring back the nostalgia, treat yourself to a necklace with Mushu front and center. If you want something with a pop of red, choose between different live action Mulan earrings. There's a ring, necklaces, a collar, and earrings in the large collection, so there really is everything you could need to sparkle.

Instead of singing "who is that girl I see" in the mirror, you'll be singing "who is that girl with all this gorg bling" while admiring your own reflection. According to the press release, this is the biggest collection release from RockLove Jewelry to date, so deciding which piece to buy might be hard. You just have to be "true to your heart" and choose between any these eight gorgeous pieces that are calling your name.

Sword Earrings

You remember that scene from the classic animated movie when Mulan cuts her hair with one swipe of her sword? Well, now you can wear the infamous Fa family sword as earrings. There's also a matching sterling silver necklace ($99, that has "Find Your Inner Warrior" engraved in it.

Mushu Medallion Necklace

Who doesn't want a sidekick like Mushu? He's hilarious and always watching out for Mulan. Now, you can have your very own Mushu with this medallion necklace. There's even a gold version if that's more your style.

Mushu Firecracker Necklace

This Mushu firecracker necklace is both hilarious and adorable. You might remember this moment from the climax of the movie. There's even a special message engraved on the side in Mandarin that, according to the description, translates to "fire dragon."

Phoenix Ring

There's one ring in the collection, and it's this gorgeous phoenix ring from the live action Mulan. If you've seen the trailer for the new movie, you know that Mushu has been replaced by this phoenix. The phoenix is a guardian as well, and according the the ring's description, is a good omen of harmony.

Plum Blossom Necklace

You'll be blossoming with this beautiful plum blossom necklace. There are actually a few plum blossom pieces in this collection, including a collar ($350, and stud earrings ($55,

Balance Fan Earrings

The live action film earrings are great if you love bright colors, because they're all that iconic shade of Mulan red that, according to the description, represents "luck, joy, and happiness." These balance fan earrings are meant to be a representation of Chinese "tradition and high fashion."

Courage Fan Earrings

If you prefer gold, you might want to add these courage fan earrings to your jewelry collection. The gold design at the center draws inspiration from Chinese endless knots, and according to the description, are good luck and avert evil spirits.

Wisdom Tassel Earrings

These wisdom tassel earrings are gorgeous. They're silver and feature a pretty ornamental pattern at the top that has red oval cabochon crystals at the center.

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