Um, So Apparently Robert Pattinson Smells Like Crayons

Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It's no secret that Robert Pattinson is ridiculously gorgeous. I come from a generation of hardcore Twilight fans who were either Team Edward or Team Jacob, and you better believe I was Team Edward all the way. Can you blame me? This is my childhood vampire crush I'm talking about here. He's got an adorable smile, a British accent, and a self-deprecating sense of humor — he's the total package. That is why it comes as a total shock that apparently, Robert Pattinson said he smells like crayons...? You read that correctly. Crayons. Nope, not a sexy, expensive cologne. Not the natural musk of an attractive man. Robert Pattinson smells like crayons. Super random, I know.

The strange revelation came during an interview with Allure when the Batman star was asked how he would describe the way he smells. This is an innocent enough question, right? Especially since the interview was centered on Pattinson's opinions about fragrances. My guess is the interviewer was probably caught off guard when Pattinson got straight to the point and replied: "Lots of people tell me I smell like a crayon." The interviewer followed that up with "Like you’re made of wax?" to which Pattinson responded "Yes! Like I'm embalmed."

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

If you know Robert Pattinson, you know that he has a quirky sense of humor and he has no problem teasing himself. Do you remember how much he used to make fun of the Twilight franchise, even though he was the lead actor in the series? That's why his claim that he smells like crayons isn't exactly that surprising. However, crayons is still the last thing I would ever have expected him (or anyone for that matter) to smell like.

This whole situation is made even funnier when you consider that Pattinson has been the spokesperson for the luxury fragrance brand Dior Homme since 2013. Clearly, Pattinson is a man of contradictions. He also has a very, dare I say, "refined" sense of smell? During the interview, he even said, "I don't really mind grimy stuff. I love the smell of things people really hate, but burning hair is revolting." Well, I have to agree with you about the smell of burning hair, Mr. Pattinson.


The Remember Me star was also just recently dubbed "the most handsome man in the world," according to a scientific study. E! News reports that Pattinson's appearance is 92.15 percent perfect, based on the The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, which was created by Renaissance painters in order to measure how attractive someone's face is.

Does the fact that Pattinson allegedly smells like crayons change just how beautiful he is? In my opinion, no. Not one bit.