'Riverdale' delayed its musical episode, which was supposed to come out on April 8.

'Riverdale's Season 4 Musical Episode Is Reportedly Delayed & I'm Sobbing

The CW

It is going to take longer than fans thought for Riverdale to return from its hiatus. The teen drama, which has been on a break since March 11, was expected to make a bombastic return with its musical episode on Wednesday, April 8, but now fans will have to wait even longer to see the show's take on Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Riverdale delayed its Season 4 musical episode, and now it's unclear when the show will come back.

An updated CW schedule for the week of April 6 revealed that instead of airing Riverdale Season 4, Episode 17, "Wicked Little Town," on Wednesday, April 8, as had been previously announced, the network is now slated to re-air a part of its "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event in Riverdale's time slot. The multi-part superhero crossover between Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow first aired at the end of 2019, and The CW will re-air all five of its episodes during primetime from Tuesday, April 7, through Thursday, April 9. The event will also take the place of Riverdale's spinoff show Katy Keene's usual Thursday night time slot.

Unfortunately, The CW did not reveal when exactly the new Riverdale episode would be airing after this delay. To make matters worse, fans were looking forward to "Wicked Little Town," since it will be the show's third musical episode, something that's become an annual tradition after Season 2's take on Carrie: The Musical and Season 3's Heathers: The Musical. The new episode will feature songs from the late-'90s rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as the Riverdale High students join Kevin Keller in a protest against their principal Mr. Honey when he tries to censor Kevin's variety show.

The episode delay comes a few weeks after Riverdale shut down production on its final episodes of Season 4 due to a crew member having been possibly exposed to coronavirus. The series still has six episodes left to air in its fourth season, but due to the production shutdown, it's unclear when these final episodes will reach screens. Previous seasons have aired their finales in mid-May, but Riverdale Season 4 will likely go even further into the summer due to delays, unless it simply ends early. For right now, fans will just have to wait for a new airdate for the musical episode to be announced, since things are uncertain at the moment.

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