Rihanna's zodiac sign is Pisces
Here's Who Rihanna Should Date Next, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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Let me preface this by saying that — for some strange reason — Rihanna has never once confided in me about her love life. (Honestly, rude, but whatever.) Of course, that's not going to stop me from giving her some lighthearted, unsolicited dating advice anyway. Since splitting with billionaire businessman Hassan Jameel in Jan. 2020, the artist has been linked to old flames A$AP Rocky and Drake, but neither romance has been confirmed. And even though RiRi's astrological compatibility with Drake is off the charts, I do have thoughts on other celebrities Rihanna should date, based on her zodiac sign.

Rihanna's birthday is Feb. 20, which makes her a dreamy, romantic Pisces. People born under this water sign tend to wear their heart plastered on their sleeve, causing them to fall fast and hard. They just can't help it — Pisceans always have love on the brain, and their optimism allows them to believe that a happily-ever-after ending is fully within reach. Who's capable of finding love in a hopeless place? A Pisces, that's who. As a Pisces, Rihanna is likely intuitive and idealistic, and one of these three celebrity suitors might just make for a perfect astrological match.

French Montana
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French Montana was born on Nov. 9, making him a Scorpio (like her ex, Drake). As water signs, Pisceans and Scorpios tend to share the same intensity and openness in romantic relationships. While a sensitive Pisces might find Scorpios a bit too abrasive and pessimistic to handle at first, both signs are known for their deep intuition, which allows them to understand and navigate their differences. When they get together, these fellow homebodies are likely to form a fiercely intimate bond that lasts.

Following his off-and-on romance with Khloé Kardashian, French was romantically linked to a few other ladies, but he hasn't been seeing anyone seriously he and Khloé split in 2014. However, during an Aug. 2019 interview with Haute Living, he talked about his time spent with Koko, saying, "The love was real. When the love was like that, it's always going to be like that." Pretty romantic, no?

Travis Scott
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Travis Scott was born on April 30, which makes him a tender Taurus. Taureans may not make great matches for Leos (like Kylie Jenner), but this pleasure-seeking earth sign does make a near-perfect match for a passionate Pisces. These signs are known for having incredible sexual chemistry together, but their bond goes deeper than that. As different as they seem to be, they complement each other well, as Taureans offer Pisceans the stability and consistency they crave, and Pisceans can teach Taureans how to go with the flow.

Since splitting with Kylie in Oct. 2019, Travis hasn't been romantically linked to anyone new, so he's seemingly on the market (unless a Kylie-Travis reconciliation actually happens). And while Taureans may seem independent, they actually love being in a partnership just as much as Pisceans do. When discussing his relationship with Kylie during a Dec. 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, Travis said, "It got to a point where I was like, 'I need her with me to operate. She's that one." Swoon!

Bradley Cooper
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Bradley Cooper's birthday is Jan. 5, making him a no-nonsense Capricorn. That may seem like an odd match for a spacey Pisces, but hear me out. Just like with Pisces and Taurus, this earth sign shares more in common with Pisces than you may think. Capricorns are traditionalists, and like Pisces, they don't do flings — they want long-term lovers. Those born under Capricorn may be far more grounded in reality, but they share a common goal with Pisces: an honest, stable, long-lasting love story.

Bradley parted ways with model Irina Shayk in June 2019 after four years of dating, and he reportedly has been single ever since. During a Sept. 2018 interview with NPR, Bradley opened up (which is pretty rare for him) about how family was more important to him than anything. "Having a child, and having a family of my own — which is a miracle and something I've always dreamt of — has opened me up even more, I guess, to the day, and to be present," he explained. You know who else could help Bradley feel more present? That's right — a Pisces.

While I'm secretly still rooting for RiRi and Drake to reconcile (c'mon, guys — he congratulated Rihanna for her 2016 MTV Video Vanguard award with an actual billboard), I'd be just as happy if one of these suitors made Rihanna feel like she's the only girl in the world.

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