This "Hunger Harness" Lets You Go Hands-Free As You Enjoy All The Game Day Eats

Courtesy Of Reynolds Wrap

Besides my lack of organization and the fact that I eat ketchup on absolutely everything, one of my worst qualities is that I can get really, really hangry (for real — just ask my boyfriend). Anyway, being hungry without a nibble in sight can seriously grind my gears, so you could probably imagine how thrilled I was to discover the highly coveted Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness. It brings all your munchies with you wherever you go so you never get hangry... plus, it's here just in time for the Super Bowl, to satisfy all of your culinary needs on the greatest snacking day of the season. Score!

Any snack fiend out there is probably well aware of the fact that the greatest feast of the year is coming up in a few short weeks on Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 3. And thankfully, just in time for the big game, Reynolds Wrap has released the greatest eating innovation known to man (and woman) kind, the Hunger Harness. It looks a little like a babybjörn, but sans the baby, of course. All of the pockets are open for you to fill it with chips, dip, wings, sandwiches, and even drinks, according to Reynolds. In my personal opinion, this is truly gold.

Courtesy Of Reynolds

The Hunger Harness was built to make the feasting experience top notch. According to Reynolds, it comes with a thermal pouch to keep wings warm, a food tray that balances any and all of your food, a thermal drink holder to keep your hot cider piping, and an insulated dip holder to keep your artichoke dip warm and melty. I am so in love.

Courtesy Of Reynolds

The Hunger Harness is an absolute treasure, and luckily, you can snag one for yourself for $4.99 on the Reynolds Hunger Harness website as of Wednesday, Jan. 16. Less than a fiver? Say it ain't so. According to Reynolds, however, they will only be released in limited quantities over the next few days, so you'll definitely want to get your hands on one as soon as humanly possible. Missing out on this glorious snacking experience would be absolutely tragic, and I can guarantee they'll make you the life of any and every Super Bowl Sunday party.

If you happen to vegetarian like I am, you'll most likely be eyeing the meatless snacks at your Super Bowl Sunday party. And if you want to bring your own, definitely take a look at each and every one of these vegan appetizer recipes. There's a recipe for buffalo tempeh wings, a "cheese" sauce, vegan chili, baked potato wedges, and even black bean burgers. I'm legitimately drooling right now. TBH, even if I weren't veg I'd definitely be snacking on these.

Just between you and me, even after the Super Bowl, I'd definitely sport my Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness publicly. I mean, really — this thing actually lets lets you carry snacks with you wherever you go, it keeps your food toasty and your drinks ice cold (or warm, if you're sipping on some hot chocolate or other hot bev'). TBH, it's incredibly fashionable for any game day soirée. And for just $5, it's a total steal. Goodbye forever, hanger — see ya never.