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Rebel Wilson's Relationship History Is Mysterious With A Side Of Happily Ever After

One of the most likeable and endearing aspects of Rebel Wilson is that she's a down-to-earth, take-no-sh*t, say-what's-she's-feeling kind of gal. And yet, while she's super upf ront about her life as a comedian and a plus-size actress, Rebel Wilson's relationship history is mysterious. As of May 2019, Wilson is dating tech and entertainment entrepreneur Jeff Beacher. But the deets about that relationship — as well as the ones before it — are unclear.

Prior to making this relationship IG-official, Wilson upped the ante during her May 1 appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. When asked about her love life on the Australian morning radio show, Wilson responded cryptically:

There's a few suitors out there. I'm doing this thing called 'year of love,' where I'm definitely putting myself out there. It's kind of like I'm the Bachelorette, but nobody's filming it right now. Which I wish they would. I offered Channel Ten [an Australian network] to do it, but I had a pretty high price tag.
... I'll tell you what: It's interesting and it's going well. I don't think I've found 'the one' yet — the serious 'one.' But I am having a lot of fun.

I mean, if one of my friends said this to me this over happy hour drinks, I would definitely press them for the details. With that being said, here's what we do know about Rebel Wilson's dating history.

Jeff Beacher (2019)

While Beacher had posted pics of the two of them (as early as February 2019), Wilson claimed Beacher on IG this past May in the most wholesome way: snaps of a couples' vacation to Disney World.

Apart from being a motivational speaker, Wilson's new bae is responsible for opening L.A. celebrity nightclub Beacher's Madhouse. He also founded Beacher Media Group, which hooks celebrities up with tech companies. And last but not least, Beacher is a fitness advocate, after experiencing firsthand how good physical health can bring about good mental health. In an interview with Forbes, Beacher discussed his former addiction to food and how that period of life was marked by depression.

At the Isn't It Romantic premiere in February, Wilson told Us Weekly she was looking for a man with "definitely some kind of strength." She elaborated, saying, “If I feel like I could beat them in a jelly wrestling competition, then maybe that’s not the dude for me.” Considering that Beacher's all about fitness, maybe she's met her jelly-wrestling prince.

Jacob Busch (2019)

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Wilson and Jacob Busch, heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune, were seen attending Cats together in March 2019. A source told Radar, "It was not their first date. They met through mutual friends at a Hollywood bungalow like a month ago and their first date was at Catch restaurant in Santa Monica. She makes him laugh and he cannot get enough of her!" (Elite Daily reached out to Rebel Wilson's reps for comment on the date, but did not hear back by the time of publication.)

Bucsh has been dating Adrienne Maloof — known for her stint on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — on and off since 2013. Busch and Maloof broke up in 2015.

Whether it was a casual thing or not, it's kind of cute that they went on this theater date, since Wilson will be joining Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and Jason Derulo in the movie Cats which hits the silver screen in December.

Aden Stay (2017)

Wilson and actor Aden Stay dated briefly in 2017. The two were seen having dinner at Craig's in Hollywood in March 2017. The two were confirmed as an item when Wilson brought Stay as her date to the 2017 MTV Movie Awards.

Stay is a stuntman who notably worked on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Stay is currently working on Swamp Thing, which airs on DC Comics' streaming service.

Mickey Gooch Jr. (2015)

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And then there's actor and producer Mickey Gooch Jr., the earliest boyfriend has claimed publicly. It's not clear how the two met, but the Wilson and Gooch did work together on the set of 2016's How to be Single. Over the course of their brief relationship, there was an iconic, Instagrammed hockey date in May 2015 — which has now been deleted or archived. ET did confirm that the two did break up in September 2015, a source saying:

They got to the point where they both realized the attraction really wasn’t there anymore and they would be better off as friends. Rebel told him she didn’t want to continue with the relationship if she didn’t see it moving any further than where it is now — and Mickey agreed.

Wilson and Gooch were seen hanging out in 2017. They were also seen together in May 2019 at the Cannes Film Festival amfAR gala — since Gooch's production company sponsored the gala — and they were straight chilling.

Of course, I can always respect someone, celebrity or otherwise, who wants to keep their relationship private. But honestly, after investigating Wilson's past boyfriends, I have so many questions! The only theme I see here, apart from being a fellow celebrity, is that all of Wilson's bae's tend to be tall and look huggable. But that's about it! 10/10 would love to be in Wilson's group chat where she spills all the tea on her dating life.