A custom mural room at Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Virginia features tropical palm leaves and bright co...

This Hotel's Custom Guest Rooms Have Murals Made For A Mini Photo Shoot

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Sometimes you may travel for the Instagram pics. You book a weekend trip to a perfectly-designed hotel in the city, purely for the #content you can get in front of the indoor greenery or Gatsby-like lighting fixtures. You gather up your best friends and rent a chic Airbnb, solely for its balcony that would look stunning in your story highlights. That's all well and good. Quirk Hotel's Mural Room project, though, will make your next getaway the artsiest one yet.

Located in Richmond, Virginia, this hotel is always involved in the local art scene. But now it's taking its love for creativity to the next level and transforming eight of its rooms into social media-worthy masterpieces. From the moment you walk through the front doors of this space, you'll want to have your camera ready and charged so you can start snapping selfies with the colorful walls and inspired images. You'll want to have a few poses in mind — like laying across the bed, looking out the window, or texting from the seat of a cute desk — so your mini photo shoot goes off without a hitch.

After taking your necessary candids, editing your photos with the best preset packs of the season, and posting them on the 'Gram, you'll then want to soak up the environment around you and its amenities. These hotel rooms are unique and worth looking around without a camera or phone in your hand. Here's everything you need to know and expect from them.

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Quirk Hotel's eight specially-designed rooms are part of a larger project called “Make Space Artist Rooms." The project is a collaboration with the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and their Make Space initiative, which is working to pair girls in sixth grade with women who can be mentors to them in the world of art. The initiative strives to build confidence in the sixth grade girls, as well as give them experiences like field trips to local art galleries and cultural hubs — according to the official press release.

These rooms — which are undeniably made for Instagram — are also changing the world and giving artists a canvas to show off their work. The eight artists who were tasked in transforming a guestroom in Quirk Hotel are: Campfire & Co., Sami Cronk, Brooke Inman, Elizabeth Graeber, Emily Herr, Matt Lively, Chris Milk, and Zeh Palito. Each took to the walls with their paintbrushes and various tools, drawing bold shapes and mystical purple clouds, amongst other cool figures and designs.

The result? Eight rooms with an entirely different style that are clever to their core. One room has brightly-colored tropical leaves painted on the wall behind the bed, and another shows a woman and rabbit eating spaghetti. Another room features a garden filled with strawberries over the headboard and a vibrant strawberry mural over the desk.

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“Art has always been so important and abundant throughout the hotel,” Whitney Dang, Quirk Hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing says in the official press release. “We are so lucky to be able to draw from the rich pool of local talent in order to create these one-of-a-kind guest rooms."

She notes that each room will give guests a taste of Richmond's art scene. To book one of these rooms, head to Quirk Hotel's website. Plan your stay in and around March 19 for a chance to meet some of the artists who made your getaway so ~artsy~. The hotel will be hosting a meet-and-greet from 6 to 8 p.m. on that evening, so you can snap your Instagram pics and then take your next trip to the raddest and most creative level.

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