Quavo's Zodiac Sign Says He Really Brings The Heat As A Partner

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Have you ever wondered what gives Quavo the confidence to "walk it like he talks it?" Well, the answer lies in astrology. Quavious Keyate Marshall — aka Quavo — was born on April 2, 1991. His birthday falls in the middle of Aries season, which starts on March 20 and ends on April 19. Quavo's zodiac sign is key to understanding where his adventurous fashion choices, devil-may-care attitude, and general bravado all come from.

Aries is symbolized by the ram, and for good reason. Aries is tenacious and will metaphorically — but maybe also literally — head-butt anyone who gets in the way. This sign's element is fire, meaning that passion of all kinds is innately dialed up to 10. While Aries' temper can get them in trouble, their ferocity is totally sexy. If you're crushing on Quavo and want to ~ strip that down ~, here's the tea on what he'd be like as your partner.

He'd Reel You In With Bold Moves

A quick way to sum up Aries' approach to life is, "Fortune favors the bold." Quavo wouldn't be afraid to shoot his shot with you, ask you out, or (consensually) make the first move. Lots of likes and cute comments on your Instagram thirst traps would be promptly followed by a DM saying he's feeling you.

You'd Quickly Figure Out If You're A Match

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Aries always lives their life in "sport mode," meaning they're always on the go. If your relationship with Quavo starts getting serious, you'll have to quickly learn whether you're cool with the constant touring, photo and video shoots, parties, and award shows. Even though Aries isn't as enamored with work as say, Virgo or Capricorn, they still go hard. (Despite being an award-winning rapper, Quavo still went back to school and got his high school diploma — just to say he could.)

You'll probably have to take a raincheck on a few date nights, or celebrate Valentine's Day a month later or something while Migos' tour wraps up. You'll also have to get comfortable catching Quavo at the studio when he has a collaboration to finish or an album to tweak.

The Sex Is Straight Fire

If you're ever going to have sex with an Aries, buckle up. Smack-talking or a friendly debate is their preferred foreplay. A playful roast while you're looking "bad and boujee" would totally get them riled up. When it comes to doing the deed, Aries isn't shy about telling you what they want. Quavo's adventurous Aries spirit also means he'd create a safe space to experiment with kinky sex.

His Aesthetics Are Always On-Point

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Who else could wear ovular, Harry Potter-esque glasses and still look like a hip-hop heart-throb? Embroidery, bandana print, flames, camo, tie-dye, and all kinds of loud design touches are at home in Quavo's wardrobe. Yet somehow, he pulls it off.

As someone who once proclaimed that "Versace is his hobby," he'll definitely hype you up to take fashion risks. His vision may seem "out there" at first, but you'll end up look daringly cool together on the red carpet. Considering what Quavo would be like as an Aries partner, it's clear he brings the heat as a fire-sign hottie.