3 Ways That Will & Kate's Relationship Is Different From Harry & Meghan's

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Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle are four very different people. While Will and Harry grew up royal in England, with intense publicly scrutiny since childhood, Kate grew up as a commoner in England, and Meghan grew up as a commoner in the United States. Will and Kate dated for several years before getting engaged, whereas Harry and Meghan dated for a shorter period of time before reaching that point together. Prince William and Kate Middleton are different from Prince Harry and Meghan Marklefor obvious reasons — they're all unique people with their own personalities and lives.

I spoke with Kailen Rosenberg, celebrity love architect, about the differences in each couples' respective relationships, and what we can learn about these people from those traits and behaviors. While we probably will never have a truly 100 percent understanding of royal life, we can gain a little bit of perspective from the information these royals do provide publicly. From Meghan and Harry's engagement photoshoot that was pretty publicly affectionate, to Kate and Will's more traditional and conservative behavior, we can see that these couples are unique in their own ways. Providing a small precaution that while I am listing the differences between these partners, it does not mean whatsoever that one couple is stronger or more well-suited than the other. Each couple has their own strengths and ways of showing love, and one is not better or worse off because of it. Read on to see what Rosenberg had to say about each couples' relationship style.

Willam and Kate are less PDA-friendly.

Rosenberg notes that due to Will being the King of England one day, there may be more restrictions on how much PDA he and his wife can appropriately show.

"William and Kate attend warmly and sweetly to each other in public, but their gestures of affection tend to be reserved and are always publicly appropriate," Rosenberg tells Elite Daily. "With William as the heir to the throne, these two do have higher expectations on them than Harry and Meghan when it comes to public appearances, so that is something to keep in mind. Still, their body language shows that some of that reservation is just part of who they are, individually and as a couple."

On the other hand, Rosenberg notes how Harry and Meghan are a little more public with their affection.

"With Harry and Meghan, their public displays of affection range from formal and publicly appropriate to — much more often — a level of physical closeness and warmth that can’t be called anything less than romantic," she says. "Their body language clearly reveals their love for one another."

Meghan and Harry's ways of communicating is less formal.

"Communication between both couples is warm, loving, and genuine, though we always see more formality between William and Kate and more laughter and relaxed, open energy between Harry and Meghan," Rosenberg says.

Will and Kate have more expectations on them in general, since they're the future king and queen.

In addition to being generally more reserved than Harry and Meghan, William and Kate have more on their shoulders in terms of responsibility. As they are the future king and queen, they have a heavier public image to upkeep, which could translate into how they act publicly in their relationship.

"While William and Kate spent more time together before marrying, both couples took the time they needed to be sure they were ready to marry," Rosenberg says. "There is no magic amount of time here, and every couple is different when it comes to this part of their evolution. William and Kate’s marriage has more cultural and political weight to it, so it makes sense that they would take their time to ensure it’s what they both wanted."

"Royals or not, William and Kate needed to move at just the pace they did in order to honor each other’s needs and desires," she says. "Harry and Meghan share a passionate energy and openness that allowed them to know they were ready to marry within the first couple years of knowing each other."

Even though these couples have their own distinct behaviors and traits that make them different from one another, we certainly love seeing the two couples grow, support, and love each other together.

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