PrettyLittleThing's Halloween Collection Will Help You Dress Like A Hallo-Queen

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Hot Girl Summer might be over, but you guys, Hot Girl Halloween is almost upon is! As every Hot Girl's unofficial fave holiday, Halloween is the perfect time to slay in a super cute costume, and PrettyLittleThing's Halloween collection totally has you covered this year, with costumes, wigs, accessories, and more to ensure you look on point. Ready to embrace your inner Hallow-Queen? The answer, of course, is heck yes.

Maybe it's cliché, but I've dressed up as a mermaid on Halloween for the past few years, and it's a costume that always makes me feel ~cute.~ Plus, it's a great chance to show off my makeup skills with watercolor eyes, press-on rhinestones, and fish scale stencils to boot. This year, I plan on rocking the Multi Metallic Mermaid Foil Printed Bandeau Top ($15, and Skirt ($28,, aka the cutest mermaid fit this side of the Atlantic. PSA: You do not need a long, uncomfy tail to rock a mermaid look this Oct. 31! Instead, sport your cute little mini skirt and tube top, and finish off the look with the Multi Shell Mermaid Headband ($15, — oh, and maybe a bright wig, too, if you're feeling it.

If you're looking for a costume that's more edgy, but equally classic, allow me to wax poetic on the multiple skeleton options. PrettyLittleThing is single-handedly helping your whole crew rock their skeleton best, y'all! Skelly girl gangs unite! I don't even have time to rattle off every single lewk, but a few of my faves are the Plus Black Skeleton Print Long Sleeve Jumpsuit ($35,, the Plus Black Skeleton Print Racer Neck Crop Top ($15, and High Waisted Legging ($28,, the Morticia Black Skeleton Bodysuit ($22,, and the silver standout, the Ice Grey Skeleton Unitard ($28, What a flex.

And now, for my wildcard pick. If you're one of those people who hates spending a lot of money for a one-night-only look, scooping up some fun accessories to pair with an LBD you already own is the move. When I saw the Black Iridescent Statement Wings ($35, during a quick scroll through the site, I knew they needed to be mine. How! Major! Worn with a simple black dress or black jeans and a matching top, you go from "chick who didn't bother to dress up" to "extra AF statement-maker," and really, who doesn't want that? Personally, I'd also snag some face gems or stickers; something like either the Halloween Spider Face Stickers ($6, or The Gypsy Shrine Halloween Black Diamond Face Jewels ($13,

It's hard to believe, I know, but this is only a handful of the many pieces PrettyLittleThing has in the Hot Girl Halloween online shop. There are over 400 (!!!) products listed in total, so if you or your friends are looking for costumes, wigs, accessories, glitter, gems, or anything else you could possibly need, you know where to look.

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