People Who Go Straight To The Gym After Work Deal With These 8 Struggles All The Time

by Georgina Berbari

Finding a workout routine that fits your busy schedule can be a tricky task, but once you get into a groove, it's generally smooth sailing thereafter. And as long as you're moving your body in a way that feels good, there's really no right or wrong time to squeeze in your sweat sesh. Some people hit the gym before the sun comes up, while others go later on at night, but personally, I've always deeply admired people who go straight to the gym after work. That's some real dedication right there, fam.

I mean, come on, after a long day of work, when you just spent eight or more hours fixing, like, 170 things that went wrong, the last thing you want to do is trek to the overcrowded gym and take on the treadmill. If you're like me, then the only thing you feel like doing after you get out of work is wrapping yourself in the fuzziest of blankets and watching reruns of The Office until you're sleepy enough to head over to your bed for the night.

But for people who hit the gym right after they clock out for the day, they never allow themselves to be led astray from their daily workouts by the tempting, sensual thoughts of their warm, cozy bed and their endless Netflix queue. Sure, it kind of sucks that you pretty much never see these people at your office happy hours, (no matter how hard you try to coerce them in your group text), but honestly, you can't help but respect their dedication to their fitness routine.

People who go to the gym straight after work deal with these eight things literally all the time, but believe me, they never let these struggles distract them from the fact that their sweat sessions make them feel freaking amazing, day in and day out.

Having To Amp Yourself Up To Exercise After A Long Day

It's one thing to plan on hitting the gym after work, but actually talking yourself into sticking with that plan, and showing up for your sweat sesh? Well, that is an entirely different beast, friends.

People who go to the gym right after work are legit experts at showering themselves in positive affirmations and giving themselves motivational pep talks in order to get their booty over to the ~temple of gains~. Teach me your ways, people.

Accidentally Whacking People On The Subway With Your Gym Bag

If you exercise right after work every day, it's an unfortunate necessity to always bring a gym bag along with your usual work bag, packed with your comfiest leggings and your most supportive sports bra.

Despite doing this on the reg, though, it seems downright impossible to master the art of skillfully maneuvering between people on your way to work without giving a total stranger a "love tap" with your heavy duffle. Luckily, most people are super understanding. And for the grumpier commuters, you've learned that a genuine apology goes a long way.

The Struggle That Is Transitioning From Office To Workout Clothes

Once you get to the gym, actually changing out of your office clothes can prove to be a bit of a struggle. It's not until you find yourself tripping over your feet in the biggest bathroom stall you could find in the office that you wonder why the hell you thought it was a good idea to wear tights in the summer.

To avoid this struggle in the future, try finding some fashionable athleisure you can wear to your job and your workout. Trust me, nothing feels better than the combo of comfort and convenience.

The Obscene Crowds

If you thought rush hour was only a thing for highways and subways, you've clearly never experienced rush hour at the gym. Seriously, WTF is this blasphemy? You show up to the gym thinking you're the only one with enough dedication to stick to your post-work exercise plans, and yet, everyone and their mother feels the need to sweat it out at 6 p.m., too.

I guess the bright side is you start to recognize a few familiar faces over time, and it certainly doesn't hurt to know someone trustworthy who can spot you when a workout calls for some assistance.

The Willpower It Takes To Turn Down Happy Hour Plans

When the weather starts to warm up and all the rooftops bars in the city suddenly come alive at once, the group texts about after-work happy hour plans become more tempting than ever before.

It takes every ounce of self-control in your being to turn your phone on airplane mode and save the half-priced spicy margs for Friday. Once those feel-good endorphins start flowing, though, you're glad you stuck to your guns.

Realizing You Forgot Your Headphones At Your Desk

The day that pigs fly is the day that a workout without headphones will become enjoyable. Realizing you forgot your earbuds at work is high up there on the list of most frustrating feelings ever.

Fortunately, one of your rush-hour gym pals will likely have your back with an extra pair in their own gym bag. See, there really is a bright side to those huge crowds.

Or The Moment When You Realize You Forgot Your Phone Charger

Realizing you only have 1 percent of battery left on your phone when you make it to the gym has to be one of the most disappointing feelings in the world. Seriously, how are you supposed to pump yourself up for the workout you've been dreading all day with a dead phone?

Portable chargers come in clutch for this struggle — or you could just kick it old-school and hope Law & Order: SVU is playing on the miniature TV atop your elliptical machine.

When The "Hanger" Hits You In The Middle Of Your Workout

You tried to remind yourself to nom on a 3 p.m. snack so this wouldn't happen, but you got so caught up in work that you totally forgot about the granola bars patiently waiting (and melting) at the bottom of your bag.

Now you're at the gym, hangry AF, and your stomach is putting on a grumbly-rumbly show for the rush-hour crowd. Is it frowned upon to stuff your face in the middle of a packed gym? Asking for a friend.