People Who Love Running Never Let These 9 Things Sabotage Their Runners' High

by Georgina Berbari

Everyone knows at least one person who's obsessed with running — and hey, maybe that person is you. If it is you, I'm willing to bet that a) you get chills every time you enter your name into a new marathon, b) you're basically riding a permanent, endorphin-infused runner's high, and c) you frequently say things like, "Ugh, I only ran 10 miles today." Ring a bell? Damn, people who love running are truly a different breed, and I only say that because running 26.2 miles for fun sounds like an actual form of torture to me.

For anyone in the running community, though, 26 miles is basically a piece of cake. Simply hearing the word "marathon" legit turns them on. Running isn't something that they simply choose to do to stay fit; it's their actual lifeline, and they rely on their daily pavement-pounding sessions to stay sane.

But along with that passion for old-fashioned cardio, runners also run into (pun definitely intended) some super relatable struggles. Yeah, the chafing and the obscene amount of sweat can suck sometimes, but runners never let these things get in the way of a quality sweat sesh.

Being a runner takes a whole lot of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work, but if it's your favorite form of fitness, then these struggles simply don't matter when you compare them to the sheer joy of conquering a new PR, or exploring a new city with your trusty sneakers and kickass running playlist.

When One Sneaker Is Tighter Than The Other For No Reason

And yet, no matter how much you slip your sneakers on and off, or how hard you try to adjust the laces to be evenly tightened, something always still feels off. What does a girl have to do for a little symmetry around here?!

When You Start Sweating Your Earbuds Out Of Your Ears

You spent more than an hour creating the most incredible playlist for your six-mile run, complete with all your favorite jams, and just when the absolute peak song comes on, and you're ready to really get into your stride, your earbuds decide it's time to start slipping and sliding.

Did I give you permission to do that? Stay put, you little sh*ts.

When You Finish Your Run At 3.87 Miles, Just Short Of A Whole Number

Sometimes you go for a run without a specific mile-marker in mind, just for the fun of it. But when you check your running watch, you see that you ended at 3.87 miles, and some strange part of your brain compels you to keep going so you can end on a whole number, instead of a weird-looking decimal.

Look, I'm not saying this is logical behavior, but if you ever see some chick running in literal circles around your cul-de-sac for no apparent reason, it's probably me.

The Fear Of Having To Go To The Bathroom During A Long Run

If you're a runner, you've basically mastered the art of hydrating just enough before you head out for your jog, and you insist you don't need to be reminded to pee before you leave the house.

But eventually, there comes a day when you're halfway into your run, miles away from the safety of your home, and you suddenly realize you forgot to use the bathroom before you started pounding the pavement. Listen, I'm only talking about number one here. Don't even get me started on how it feels to hold in number two.

The Major Struggle That Is Chafing

The chafe pains are real, fam. Fortunately, most runners have been through the long, arduous, trial-and-error process for this, but finding that one pair of shorts that provides some much-needed relief is so worth the effort.

Once they do find the perfect non-chafing shorts, you better believe a dedicated runner will buy those babies in every color available.

When You Run Past A Smoker And Have To Hold Your Breath

From cigarette smoke, to pollution, to garbage cans, to dog poop, running outside can often prove to be a very smelly experience.

It's fine, I'll just hold my breath and run at the same time. You can refer to me as Superwoman from here on out.

When You Have To Wait At A Stop Light

You basically want to add "jogging in place" to your resume because you've gotten so damn good at it, thanks to all the stop lights scattered along your usual running route.

I mean, it's not like you can stop running — what kind of blasphemy is that?

When You Try To Take Off Your Sweaty Sports Bra And Leggings

It's pretty much inevitable that your massive amounts of post-run sweat will make your bra and leggings stick to your body like glue — yes, even in the winter.

Taking those bad boys off is essentially another workout in and of it itself. Please. Send. Help.

When Your Social Life Majorly Suffers During Marathon Training

All your friends are getting lit AF on Friday night, but your long run is scheduled for Saturday, so yeah, alcohol is not in the cards for you at the moment.

And then, of course, your friends invite you out again on Saturday night, but you're sore AF after running your marathon, and all you want to do is cuddle up in bed and treat yourself to your favorite ice cream (while fantasizing about your next run, obviously).