Peggy from 'Million Dollar Beach House'

Here's Where Peggy & Noel Stand After Their 'Million Dollar Beach House' Drama


Peggy Zabakolas doesn't mess around when it comes to her business. She's made that much clear in Netflix's new reality/real-estate series Million Dollar Beach House, especially when it came to her tense relationship with new colleague Noel Roberts. Season 1 of the show filmed back in the summer of 2019, but even now that it's finally on Netflix a year later, Peggy says her drama with Noel on Million Dollar Beach House is still somewhat unresolved.

From a viewer's standpoint, the details about what exactly went down between Peggy and Noel are a little fuzzy. The two butted heads from the start; they had it out with each other on multiple occasions surrounding Noel's attitude toward Peggy's clientele. However, it was the disastrous open house party hosted by fellow realtors Michael Fulfree and Sara Burack that's at the center of their tiff.

If you recall the telephone game from grade school, this situation will sound familiar: Apparently, Sara told Michael (who then told Peggy) that Noel didn't want Peggy invited to the party. However, when Peggy showed up to the party anyway, she confronted both Sara and Noel (with Michael attempting to mediate) and no one could get to the bottom of who said what or why.


It turns out, Peggy is just as confused as fans. "I still don't know what happened last summer and I still don't know the truth," she tells Elite Daily. "I'm a very loyal and truthful person, and if I feel that someone is being taken advantage of or lied to, or I'm being lied to, I like to get down to the bottom of it. I gave Noel an opportunity to come clean and tell me the truth, because I would want the same opportunity if the tables were turned. I can only do so much and I can only expect so much from someone."

Apparent misunderstanding aside, Peggy and Noel still have a working relationship and see each other frequently. "On my end, there's no ill feelings, and I'm going to say I think the same from him," Peggy says. "Am I a little cautious around him? A little bit ... But Noel and I are very respectful, very friendly. I literally was just with him this morning."


Peggy and Noel's issues aside, Million Dollar Beach House's six-episode season is more focused on the titular beach houses than the realtors' personalities and relationships with one another. That is to say, it's not quite the drama level of Netflix's other high-end real-estate docudrama, Selling Sunset. However, if the Hamptons-set series gets a second season, Peggy thinks that could change.

"We all hope for Season 2 because that will just benefit everyone in general ... but we have to wait and see what the viewers think," she says. "Hopefully, Season 2 will give you a little bit more of who I am as a person and who everyone else is ... I don't think people really got a good idea of my personal life or my background. I come from an immigrant family. I'm very, very in tune with my Greek culture, and I just wish there was a little bit more that [on the show]."

Peggy thinks Million Dollar Beach House can have the best of both the personal and professional worlds. "My main focus is my business, so I always want to come out as professional as possible. So, hopefully there's a good balance between the two [in a potential Season 2]," she says. "Let's be real. Who are we kidding? We need a little bit of drama."

Million Dollar Beach House is on Netflix now.