Patrick Starrr Transformed Himself Into The Instagram Egg & He Really Did An Egg-Cellent Job

Partrick Starrr/Youtube; Egg Gang/Instagram

"Hey everybody it's Eggy, welcome back to my channel," begins one of YouTube beauty sensation Patrick Starrr's latest videos. While so many gurus are hitting us with their Best Products of 2018 videos at the moment, Patrick Starr's Instagram egg transformation is unlike anything else I've ever seen on Youtube, and he definitely went out of his way to make sure he had that exciting, original content on lock. "Why not do a makeup tutorial inspired by the number one most liked thing ever on Instagram?" Starrr asks his viewers in the video, mentioning that the egg currently has a whopping 34 million likes. Keep in mind that now, this number has risen to 47.5 million and counting, so Starrr made the right choice in deciding to pay this now-iconic egg homage.

If you haven't yet heard, a photo of an egg against a white backdrop recently beat out a post by Kylie Jenner as the most-liked picture on Instagram. It's a big deal, as the Egg Gang account now officially holds the World Record for the most likes. And while Patrick Starrr is quite famous in his own right, with several collections with MAC Cosmetics and an impressive 4.7 million Instagram followers, the egg has him beat with an astounding 7.5 million followers. Honestly, how did we let this happen?

Regardless, Starrr chose to embrace the spectacle and create a video turning himself into the egg. "We're going for that cute, Grade A, organic egg lewk," he announced, and seeing as he recently got real with his followers about embracing his bald head, he had the perfect base upon which to start the transformation.

Behold, the muse:

To begin the process, Starrr erased his brows with the popular drag makeup technique of using glue sticks to slick them down and layers of powder to cover them. "If you want to be an egg, this is very important," he explains, and no one has ever told me otherwise, so I've got no choice but to believe him.

This is Egg 101, people, and class is in session:

Patrick Starrr/Youtube

"The egg is so smooth, and so poreless," says Starrr as he applies loose powder to the rest of his face before a layer of foundation. Using powder first helps nail a super full-coverage look, he explains before going in with the Kryolon TV Paint Stick ($25, in perfect eggy shade "FS24."

Patrick Starrr/Youtube

"Because I want to keep the quality and shine of the egg, I'm going to lightly powder," explains Starrr, and I get that, because why would you want to dull this shine?

Patrick Starrr/Youtube

For the final step in the transformation, Starrr took some guaze and DIY'ed a rounder, more egg-like shape to his head, then spritzed it with the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation ($62, to get that egg-like color just right.

At this point in the video, I've never been so excited for a big reveal:

Patrick Starrr/Youtube

And after throwing on a white shirt to mimic the egg's all-white background, the transformation was complete:

Patrick Starrr/Youtube

Starrr is seriously too funny for going through with this video, and TBH, he really did the damn thing! He looks just like the egg, don't you think? Watch the entire video below and decide for yourself, but if you ask me, I say did an egg-cellent job.