Orlando Bloom Low-Key Called Out Katy Perry On Instagram & It Was Perfect

By Laura Rizzo
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Katy Perry has dated some of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, and has also broken up with some of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Unlucky in love or badass woman who don't need no man? Well, a little bit of both, according to Perry. She posted a video on Instagram and was immediately roasted by her maybe/maybe not ex, Orlando Bloom. Who knew he had such a sense of humor? Orlando Bloom's comment on Katy Perry's Instagram had fans laughing, but also a little curious about what this means for their relationship status.

Apparently, the idea of love and a lasting relationship has Perry running for immediate cover. In honor of Valentine's Day on Feb. 14, Perry posted a video of herself in the most romantic setting — attending a wedding. It doesn't get much more love-centered than that. The video showed the much anticipated (or dreaded, depending on who you ask) bouquet toss.

The crowd counted down and the bride gave the bouquet a light toss that Perry immediately pounced on. Low-key, Perry is fierce when it comes to catching the bouquet. In a turn of events, the singer snatches the bouquet and makes a run for it... literally. The video shows Perry in a light colored, satin dress booking it through the crowd and into the night. The caption for the video reads,

When you crave companionship but run from love when you get it. #happymadeupholidayofforcedlove #ilovemyself #iloveyoutoo

The video is pretty funny, but the best part was Orlando Bloom's response. The Lord of the Rings actor commented on Perry's Instagram post, "You can run but you can't hide...from YOURSELF." Dayumm, Orlando. He's dishing up reality all over social media.

The couple reportedly broke up back in Feb. of 2017 after dating for 10 months. After a naked paddle board adventure, fans were shocked. We thought they were in it for the long haul. A statement from both their reps to People read,

Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time.

Although that seems pretty cut and dry, the two have seemingly kept the flame alive. Back on Aug. 12, the two attended an Ed Sheeran concert together and were reportedly throwing off some romantic vibes. A source told People,

Orlando put his arm around Katy's waist several times, and at one point, she sat on his lap. Orlando seemed to be having a great time and really seemed to enjoy the concert, even dancing at one point. Katy was more laid back and seemed to just be listening and taking it all in.

However, the source clarified,

[Orlando] and Katy have been in touch since they broke up. They ended things as friends. They continue to be friends.

Hmmm... very interesting. Bloom and Perry raised some eyebrows when they met up in the Maldives in February. The two were seen eating while Bloom attentively read some sort of binder — new song lyrics from Perry, perhaps?

However, a source told People it was just a casual lunch. The insider said,

Orlando and Katy were traveling separately over the holidays and met up in the Maldives after. They have fun and love seeing each other, but it’s nothing serious. They are not officially back together.

Perry and Bloom staying friends isn't that out of character for the "Swish Swish" singer. She told the Morning Mashup in the summer of 2017 that people "are in and out of your life.” She continued, “It’s nice to keep people you love around you. When you get older, lines get blurred."

Keep blurring those lines, Katy, we don't mind.

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