Oprah & Lizzo Both Wore Mejuri Jewelry & The Pieces Are So Affordable

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What happens when two queens are caught wearing the same affordable jewelry brand in the same exact week? Well, nothing happens, technically, other than that I buy the same pieces in hopes of channeling their energy, but it's still exciting! ICYMI, Oprah and Lizzo both wore Mejuri, giving me two reasons to love the amazing brand just a little more than I already do.

Why does everyone love Oprah? She's inspirational, motivated, kind, funny, and she makes others feel good. Why does everyone love Lizzo? She's inspirational, motivated, kind, funny, and she makes others feel good. And, girl can sing! It's safe to say these are two celebrities that it's hard to not adore, so when I saw that they ~both~ just so happen to adore my fave jewelry brand, Mejuri, I was beyond stoked. Mejuri creates the most beautiful everyday fine jewelry, and I'm wearing two oh-so-pretty rings from its New Releases section as I type this. No shame, I'm obsessed! I was kind of planning to treat myself to a few new pieces for fall, and now I plan to full-on copy Lizzo and Oprah and buy the same ones they wore so we can twin, because that's just what besties do.

It's hard to see in a blurry screenshot, but it only took me a matter of seconds to spot Oprah's Mejuri earrings in her recent Instagram Story:


She also posted them on her feed, BTW. If you don't know Oprah's earring game the way I do, take a quick scroll through her 'Gram. The queen wears lots of pearl earrings, so when I noticed she gave the Mejuri Organic Pearl Large Hoops ($75, her stamp of approval, I decided they had to be mine.

Can you believe you can cop these babies for under $100? They look like they should be worth a million bucks, if you ask me:

TBH, it seems like celebs have access to anything and everything they could possibly want, so I always just assume their jewelry is expensive. That's why I was shook to my core to see Lizzo rocking Mejuri just days after Oprah. What are the odds??

Lizzo said, I see your Mejuri earrings, Oprah, and I raise you Mejuri earrings, a necklace, and a ring!


Swoon. The songstress rocked the brand's Aries Zodiac Necklace ($349,, the Oversized Thin Hoops ($275,, and the Slim Signet Ring ($160, for a selfie-style video on her Instagram Stories. BTW, if you're wondering why Lizzo's pieces are a little pricier than Oprah's earrings, it's because they're 14k gold, while Oprah's pearl earrings were gold vermeil. Mejuri makes pieces out of both materials, so you can always find something cute in your price range. Love that!

You guys, all this couldn't be better justification for me to buy more Mejuri. I'm already obsessed, so the fact that my faves love the stuff too is just another great reason to shop! Next time I wear my Mejuri faves, I'm def going to feel like 100% that betch, if you know what I mean.