These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, But It'll Also Be Beautiful

We're edging closer and closer to All Hallow's Eve, and I'm sure you're definitely not in the mood to be told that your zodiac sign is gonna have the "worst week." Are we talking monsters under the bed, diabolical witches casting hexes, or menacing ghosts coming to haunt you? Not exactly. However, while the horror might all be in good fun, the cosmos aren't playing around. I mean, when are they ever? So, my apologies for being the bearer of bad news, but as of October 29, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, and Libra. Don't think you've escaped the mischief just yet, because you'll feel it just as deeply if your rising sign happens to be any of the following.

However, I don't want you going through the week thinking that the plague is after you. When I say that this week will be the "worst," what I'm really saying is that there is cosmic influence exerting more pressure on you than usual. Remember that not all pressure is bad. In fact, if you've been making the "worst week" list for a while now, it's merely an indication that you're going through a beautiful metamorphosis. You just need to be patient throughout the chrysalis phase.

Aries: You May Be Rethinking Things In Your Love Life

I know it hasn't been easy, Aries. After all, you've been making the "worst week" list for quite some time now. It's all thanks to Venus retrograde, I'm afraid. The planet of love, romance, friendship, and luxury has been rolling backwards through your eighth house of sex and intimacy, touching on your fears and challenging your idea of true love and genuine affection.

However, Venus is moving so far backwards in her retrograde that as of Oct. 31, she's entered your seventh house of partnerships. Because this retrograde is meant to help you face issues in your love life and work through them, this shift in energy could create tension in your relationships and bring up problems from your past. Don't be surprised if you're arguing with your S.O., and definitely don't be surprised if an ex reappears.

Taurus: You May Be Falling Behind And Procrastinating

Unfortunately, Venus, your ruling planet, is still in retrograde. Halloween ain't got nothing on how terrifying this transit has been. Although you've been receiving the brunt of her tumultuousness in your seventh house of love and relationships, she has officially rolled backwards into your sixth house of routine and health as of Oct. 31.

Because Venus has so much influence over beauty, pleasure, and the enjoyment we find in life, this change could make you feel totally disinterested in your responsibilities and that much more susceptible to procrastination and even laziness. However, this energy has the power to help you refine your work ethic and rethink your priorities. Take some time to write down a to-do list and go out of your way to conquer it.

Libra: You Could Be Feeling Totally Unsure Of Yourself

The sun is no longer in Libra and now, you're left with Venus, your ruling planet, in retrograde. While Venus has been in Scorpio, it's been asking you to rethink your spiritual center in the 12th house of the unconscious. You've been called to cleanse yourself from negativity and protect your energy at all costs. If you've been letting your imagination go haywire, then the fact that Venus will officially retrograde into Libra is definitely not fun news for you.

With Venus moving through retrograde in your first house of the self, you may be struggling to find the beauty in who you are. If feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and confusion about the person you are have been arising, allow yourself the freedom to be honest. Instead of holding these feelings in, express them with people you trust and trust that whatever breaks down will always be built back even stronger.