These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, So Buckle Your Seatbelts

We're nearing the end of another chapter, so write your finishing touches and get ready for a deep and transcendent shift to take place. As of Oct. 23, 2018, the sun will enter Scorpio, the most magnetic, alluring, and dangerous zodiac sign of all. Why do I call Scorpio "dangerous"? Not because this zodiac sign wishes to cause you harm. However, Scorpio is not afraid of dark and misunderstood things. If you find yourself suddenly curious to unravel well-kept secrets, dip your toes into the realm of taboo, and dive into shadow worlds, you may be falling under Scorpio's spell. The astrological change could have you leaning too far over the edge, which is why as of October 22, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Libra, and Aquarius. The cosmic whiplash will get you just as good if your rising sign happens to be any of the following.

Despite how major the transition into Scorpio season will be, Venus (planet of love, friendship, and luxury) is still spiraling backwards through a nail-biting and heart-wrenching retrograde. Take care of yourselves, hopeless romantics. This week is another long stretch through the confusion. However, this transit is here to release you from useless weight.

Aries: You're Going Through A Serious Metamorphosis

There's no denying the cosmos are mixing you a strong cocktail of intense energy. With Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and the sun in your eighth house of death, transformation, and rebirth, the growing pains are real.

This house is one made of overwhelming reward, the purging of negativity, and the beginning of something new. However, despite how positive its impact may be, it asks you to look deep within yourself and face the skeletons in your closet first. Growth is never a simple, clean, or clear process. It often zigzags, stalls, implodes, and leaves you feeling totally and utterly confused. Luckily, there's always that moment when the dust finally settles, and you can look back on the wreckage of your past and realize just how far you've come. With your eighth house fully activated, you'll soon experience that moment.

Libra: You Could Be Experiencing Major Money Problems

You've had a beautiful and prosperous reign as astrological queen, however, it's time to hand over your crown to Scorpio. As the sun leaves behind your first house of the self and enters your second house of finance, self-worth, and value, all your focus is guided toward how much money you're making, how comfortable you are, and the self-esteem you receive through your material possessions.

Unfortunately, Venus (your ruling planet) is also enduring a stressful retrograde in your second house. This excess of energy is focused on your bank account, and if you're not making the money you'd like to be or you're unhappy with what you have, you'll feel that inadequacy deeply. Allow it to teach you what you need in order to feel secure. Work harder, or demand proper compensation for your work.

Aquarius: Unexpected Changes Might Shake Your World

As the sun enters your 10th house of career, your attention is on some of your loftiest and most ambitious plans. It's time to take your dreams seriously and do whatever it takes to make them a reality. However, the sun also happens to be forming an opposition with Uranus, your ruling planet, as it creates rebellion in your fourth house of home and family.

Because Uranus is the planet of unexpected change and radical behavior, you may feel an earthquake of instability rock your world where it's most intimate, putting some of your bigger plans on hold. Even if you feel set back, use this as an opportunity to repair your intimate base. If things aren't OK at home, your larger goals may fall apart later.