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The Week Of October 21 May Feel More Difficult Than Usual


Nothing lasts forever, and in astrology, that fact follows you wherever you go. If you've been enjoying the light social vibes and fashion-forward thinking of Libra season, it's time to start saying your goodbyes, because you're about to enter a new chapter. Unfortunately, not everyone will appreciate this cosmic shift, and October 21, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs. If your sun or rising sign happens to fall under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you might spend this week wishing you could go back in time.

These difficulties all stem from the sun entering dark, emotional, and reserved Scorpio on Oct. 23, taking you deeper into your inner world and reminding you of what must be done away with. However, even though this shift will may make you uncomfortable, there is so much taking place in the stars that will make it all easier to stomach.

As loving and beautiful Venus forms a trine with dreamy and distorted Neptune, you'll find your heart opening and your vision brightening. However, what results when Venus and Neptune meet is often wishful thinking. This transit might leave you wearing rose-colored glasses and idealizing a situation rather than seeing it clearly. Let this transit bring more empathy and compassion into your universe, but don't let yourself be carried away.

The real trouble this week is when Mars — planet of drive and aggression — forms a square with karmic and stoic Saturn. This could make you feel as though no matter how hard you press on the gas pedal, nothing is moving. Take things as they come and don't be easily discouraged. It's not realistic to expect all your goals to manifest at once.

If your sun or rising falls under the element of fire, here's why this week may feel more difficult than usual:


Aries: You Can't Avoid Your Shadow Self, So Embrace It

It's all or nothing, Aries. If your relationships don't have much depth, it will be glaringly obvious this week. You may have trouble avoiding your inner darkness, so instead of putting on a pleasant facade, you'd rather be honest about what you're going through. If the people in your life can't handle your vulnerable truth, the relationship may be far more superficial than you thought. Use this energy to transform your perspective of what you need in a relationship.

Leo: Your Soul Needs Rest And Rejuvenation At This Time

You might feel like retreating away from society at large this week and doing your own thing. This is necessary, so don't feel like you need to keep up with social engagements or stretch yourself thin. This is a time of necessary rest and rejuvenation, so lean into it. If you've been on the go at a constant rate, you may be realizing you're not taking care of your home life. Remember that in this dog-eat-dog world, you always need a place to return to and let your guard down.

Sagittarius: There May Be Secrets You Can No Longer Keep

You may find it difficult to stay focused on reality this week because your dream world is so powerful. Remember that you don't need to give away your energy to people or things that don't respect your need for alone time. Something is reaching a conclusion, and you need time to understand what's going on inside of you. When your intuition is speaking to you so clearly and intently, you need to tune in. Set aside time for meditative activities this week such as journaling, going for a walk, or catching up on sleep. Your spiritual side will appreciate it so much.