These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week & Here's Our Best Advice

How could you not look forward to October? Between the autumn cold creeping its way through, the Halloween feel in the air, and every excuse you could possibly need to attend a costume party every weekend, what's not to love? Well, even though October is famous for containing such magical power, this year's October will be plagued by one very serious cosmic issue: Venus retrograde. Speaking of astrological craziness, October 1, 2018 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio. And, unfortunately, if your rising sign falls under any of the following, you could experience the mayhem just as deeply.

Starting October 5, Venus retrograde will last all the way until it stations direct on November 16. If you've been looking forward to autumn with all your dark and spooky heart, I'm sure this news is probably a major downer. However, I promise you that we'll all get through this. In fact, Venus retrograde doesn't have to be as horrible as astrology makes it out to be. Planetary retrogrades also provide you with a second chance: an opportunity to remedy a situation from your past. Ruling over beauty, luxury, love, pleasure, and art, Venus retrograde is a chance to rejuvenate yourself in the most creative way possible.

Aries: You Could Experience Issues In Your Love Life

Venus retrograde is known for creating disturbances in your love life. However, when Venus stations retrograde in your eighth house of sex and passion, you can expect this astrological transit to be an emotional roller coaster ride. The eighth house is famous for its feelings of intensity, devotion, and overwhelming lust. Chances are high that you could find yourself fighting with your partner, becoming attracted to the wrong person, or feeling twisted by resurfacing heartbreak from the past.

However, this retrograde would not be responsible for such stress if there weren't lingering issues that still need to be dealt with. As always, astrology works with the energy that you send into the universe. If you are faced with problems this week, overcoming them has always been your destiny. Trust everything the stars have planned for you.

Taurus: Your Relationships May Be Undergoing Stress

Not only is Venus your ruling planet, but when it stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships, there's a chance you could experience everything that this transit is so infamous for. Galvanizing your closest relationships, this retrograde could make you reconnect with people who once met a lot to you in the past. It could also challenge your current commitments to people, whether this has to do with your love life, a friendship, or a business partnership.

Even if your commitments are tested and confused, it's an opportunity to either work through your differences or have the strength to walk away from a relationship that's no longer working for you. Either way, you're moving toward a better reality. Remember that all you have to do is your best.

Scorpio: You May Feel Somewhat Insecure About Yourself

Venus — the planet that's responsible for all the beauty and luxury in the world — will station retrograde in your first house of the self. Although Venus has the power to make you feel sexy and attractive beyond belief when it's in your zodiac sign, having this blessing become a retrograde can create even more problems. In fact, instead of making you feel beautiful, it can even make you feel self-conscious or insecure about who you are.

Although feeling down about yourself is quite possibly the worst feeling there is, this retrograde can teach you so much, even though it can feel so cruel. This is an opportunity to defeat the negative voices in your head by being unapologetic in your self-love. Practice confidence-boosting rituals and make self-esteem your central focus. Once it's all over, you'll feel stronger than ever.