These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week Because You're Meant To Take A Step Forward

Are you ready for all your emotional rhythms to re-align? Have you been waiting for the moment that everything changes for the better? Fear no longer, for the new moon in Scorpio takes place on Nov. 7, and it will give you all the passion, commitment, and drive it takes to make your most personal dreams a reality. However, Scorpio works at the deepest undercurrent of the human psyche, and it doesn't accept half-baked attempts at growth. It wants you to rise from your failures and make a promise to yourself that you'll never break. Yes, the cosmos are coming together to give you all something transcendent, and as of November 5, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. You'll feel just as replenished if your zodiac sign happens to be in any of the following.

There's no questioning the fact that the past few months have been a universal upheaval. A tornado of transformation has taken hold of our world, and it all starts with the microcosm of each individual life. However, all the introspective weirdness is bound to amount to something, as long as you allow it. Let the new moon in Scorpio be a moment where you decide, once and for all, that you will learn from everything you've come through.

Cancer: It's Time To Make Having Fun A Priority

This is what could possibly be the best new moon out of the whole year for you, Cancer. Seriously, rejoice with the cosmos as much as you can. After all, this lunation sends lightning into your fifth house of creativity, art, pleasure, and everything else that's enjoyable about life.

Because the new moon is a moment in which you're meant to let go of emotional concerns that no longer serve you, it's time to release yourself from a perspective that impedes the fun. Are you preventing creative genius from blossoming? Are you in an environment that truly inspires you? Make sure you are, because there's something beautiful building within, and the world needs your light more than you could possibly understand.

Scorpio: You're Beginning Such A Beautiful Journey

The upcoming new moon takes place in your first house of the self, radiating Scorpionic power throughout your entire being and washing away all the confusion. You're a deeply misunderstood zodiac sign that operates on a very personal level. However, the cosmos are in alignment with you this week, and it's time to harness it for the better.

Are you tired of the way things have been going? Are you ready to make a change that shifts the fabric of your identity? Remember, you don't have to commit to something major if you're not ready. However, the new moon on Nov. 7 is asking you to let go of bad habits and rejuvenate the person you are. You don't have to cling on to something that's not working for you anymore.

Sagittarius: You're The Luckiest Zodiac Sign Of Them All

Honestly, Sagittarius, I'm jealous. For one thing, Jupiter is your ruling planet, and it's the most expansive, fortunate, and adventurous planet of them all. Just look at what an optimistic, energetic, and trailblazing person you are — is it no wonder that Jupiter also rules over luck? Speaking of luck, did you know that Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Nov. 8?

Because Jupiter is officially at home in its ruling zodiac sign, the cosmos aren't just raining success on you — they're raining it on all of us. This announces a period of growth that affects the whole world, but it's you who will be the leader of this new movement.