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3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, But It Won't Be All Bad


When it comes to astrology, it's difficult to label things as inherently good or inherently bad. The truth is, it's rarely ever that simple. Sometimes, a beautiful moment sprouts from a difficult experience. Other times, a pang of bittersweet emotion arises during your most euphoric instances. Life is not black or white; it's a gorgeous array of various colors and shades constantly fluctuating. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of November 30, 2020 — Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces — keep this in mind, because truthfully it's not as negative as you might think.

However, this week is truly something else, as it involves one of the most intense lunations that could possibly happen in astrology. On Nov. 30, a blood moon in intellectual, dual-sided, and truth-seeking Gemini will radiate change throughout the cosmos. A blood moon (aka lunar eclipse) is when the moon activates the lunar nodes, which are the points in the sky that are currently guiding the collective toward destiny. This has the tendency to evoke harsh endings and unexpected new beginnings, leaving you feeling as though everything is changing without even a moment's notice.

Some of these changes might leave you feeling as though everything is wrong when, in fact, these changes could feel very, very wrong, as though they should never have happened. But here's the thing about eclipses: Whatever happens during them was always meant to happen. I'm talking about destiny here, guys. So even if these changes feel uncomfortable, rest assured that they happened for a reason and will make sense eventually.

If your sun or rising sign is in Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, you might feel most overwhelmed by everything that's happening this week.


Gemini: You're Coming Face To Face With Your Ultimate Destiny

You're the star of the show this week, Gemini. However, you might not feel the way the star feels at the end of the show when the audience is clapping and handing you bouquets of flowers. Right now, you're in the thick of the central conflict to the story, going through the challenges that will eventually allow you to earn that applause in the end. This week, you might feel like you're really going through it. Even if you're proud of what you've accomplished, you might feel like it's all happening too fast. You've got this, Gemini.

Virgo: You're Grappling With Some Unexpected Career Shifts

Being the Virgo that you are, you definitely have goals that you prioritize above all. However, no matter how much work you put into a plan, the universe sometimes intervenes and reveals its own plans. This is the week when that cosmic intervention might just happen, taking your career down a path you might not have been expecting. You may feel disappointed by the development and possibly even overwhelmed by all the new responsibility you're taking on. Either way, this experience is strengthening you beyond belief and reinforcing your determination.

Pisces: The Center Of Your World Is Embracing Movement

Nothing feels more intense than when your personal life is overflowing with commotion. No matter how hard you try to hide what's wrong from the public eye, you still feel as though the truth is leaking through your professional facade. And this week, your personal life is definitely calling your attention, as you may be processing some deep shifts in your family and home life. A new dynamic may be unfolding or a new living situation could be settling fresh roots. Give yourself time to get used to it, because it probably doesn't make sense right now — but it will.