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Despite Mercury Rx, These Signs Will Have The Best Week Starting Nov. 11


Mercury is retrograde, so think twice before you hit send, beware of your lingering ex, and expect your plans to be derailed. You might be wondering how anyone could have a good week when the planet of communication and cognitive function is out of order, but not even Mercury retrograde can subdue the power of Scorpio season, or the notion that November 11, 2019, will be the best week for these zodiac signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — so don't start with the negativity just yet.

Keep in mind, things are rarely ever black or white, and even the most positive memories are tinged with shades of gray. A full moon in practical and sensual Taurus will rise Nov. 12, and if there's anything that's guaranteed on a full moon, it's chaos and intensity. After all, the moon rules over your emotional body, and when it reaches its fullest state and opposes the sun in dark and secretive Scorpio, it causes your inner truth to float to the surface, where it can no longer be denied.

Connecting with both karmic Saturn and metamorphosing Pluto, this full moon will reveal the results of your decisions and provide you with an opportunity for some major healing. Acknowledge where you are in your journey and know this is where you're meant to be. However, take this time to realize what you could have done differently and settle on what you will do differently moving forward. The future is yours to mold. In fact, catching a glimpse of that future will be easier than ever, as this full moon will form a sextile to visionary and magical Neptune. Let it fill you with hope.


Cancer: Creative Ideas Are Rushing Through Your Heart

You are coming out of your shell and showing the world just how artistic, romantic, and expressive you can truly be. If you've felt like you need to repress your talents or dim your shine so you don't cause a scene, quit blocking yourself. You're meant to stand out like a ray of sunshine, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Owning your power will only bring you closer to the people you're meant to be with. Gravitate toward those who bring out the best in you and leave behind affiliations that hinder your authenticity.

Scorpio: You're Surging With Power, Growth, And Determination

You're coming to so many realizations about the person you are and the person you're meant to become. It's as though you've outgrown your identity and it's time to set yourself free from any constricting ideas of who you're supposed to be. Quit trying to define yourself; it's only limiting you to one definition. Harness the vast expanse of your essence, as it's bringing you closer to someone who truly gets you. This week, you're meant to learn what you value you in a partnership and make decisions based on those values. You deserve nothing less than the purest of love and the deepest of respect.

Pisces: Your Perspective Of Life Is Expanding And Transforming

The world is opening wide for you and you're catching a glimpse of every opportunity available to you. Take a step back and enjoy the view. If you've ever felt trapped in monotony or stuck in a rut, now's the time to let go of your mental prison and remember you can always drop everything and go on an adventure. That will always be an option. However, you don't have to drop the structure of your entire life. You could simply infuse a little spontaneity in your day-to-day and a little recklessness in your self-expression. Let loose and let yourself experiment.