Fans Think Noah Cyrus' Emotional New Song Is About Her Breakup With Lil Xan

by Jamie LeeLo
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Somehow, someway, 2018 has brought us one of Hollywood's more puzzling celebrity-romance sagas of the summer, and it involves two young celebrities by the names of Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan. Oh, yeah. We're going IN today, folks. Cyrus, 18, and Xan, 22, seemed like a match made in IDGAF-music heaven. These two were the definition of "do whatever you want," including (but not limited to) getting face tattoos and releasing a song that only took one and a half weeks to make. Now that they're reportedly broken up, Noah Cyrus' "Mad At You" lyrics have fans thinking she pulled another fast one and actually wrote the song about Lil Xan in less than a week after they called it quits on Sept. 3. Elite Daily previously reached out to both Cyrus and Xan's teams for comment on the status of their relationship, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

After just a few weeks of dating, Xan and Cyrus announced their relationship to the public along with their collaboration track, "Live or Die." The song was released at midnight on Aug. 23, and was supposed to be followed by a music video. However, Xan announced via Instagram Live that that would no longer be happening because of his split with Cyrus. He said,

The 'Live or Die' video is not gonna be coming out at this point, because I've been informed, like, you know when you, like, like a girl and sh*t and whatnot? But I’ve just been informed that basically it was all fake, and I’m being used. So f*ck it. I guess I was just being used. I thought, you know, I was in love, but whatever. I’ll take that L. Heartbreak soldier. Thanks, Noah. Hope the song does well, if Columbia puts it out. Love all my fans, though.

Dang! It seems like Xan and Cyrus broke up due to cheating rumors on both sides, because Cyrus clapped back with her own version of events, writing this on her Instagram Story:

Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and now I’m being forced to deal with crazy accusations when I’m not even sure where all this came from.

Elite Daily reached out to both Cyrus and Lil Xan's teams regarding their cheating allegations about each other, but did not hear back by the time of publication. But, again, it's all been very vague and confusing. You can imagine the emotional lyrics to "Mad At You" aren't helping to clear things up, either, considering it's all about not being able to shake your feelings for someone you know isn't good for you. Here are a few of the song's choice words:

Verse 1: We need to talk, you just say, "I don't want to start a fight" / But the minute it gets to my lips, I can feel my tongue is tied / And my eyes start to water, but I can't stop you when you lie / Baby, we need to talk 'cause I think that it's time I walk away / Before you start calling my name' / Cause when you start begging me to stay
Chorus: It's gonna be hard as hell / And baby, you know me well / No matter what you do / I can never be mad at you / And you only love yourself / For me, there's no one else / No matter what you do / I can never be mad, mad, mad at you / Mad, mad at you

And here's what the track sounds like:

Moody lyrics, a choir of backup singers, breathy vocals... I mean, it has all the makings of a perfect breakup song, right? Fans seem to think so. It's unclear when Cyrus actually wrote and recorded the track (but considering it has a guest feature from Gallant, chances are it was actually before her breakup). Still, fans can't help but think Cyrus and Xan's breakup served as PR for the song's release.

If Cryus and Xan really wanted to milk their breakup, he should/could/probably will come back with his own song in response to "Mad At You."

Standing by to see if this relationship will end up being that predictable.