Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra’s Body Language At Their Wedding Reception Was Unexpected

by Korey Lane
Altaf Qadri/AP/Shutterstock

As everyone and their grandmother has probably already heard, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are officially husband and wife. The two tied the knot over the weekend at two lavish ceremonies in India, featuring a 75-foot-long veil and a 15-foot-tall wedding cake. In their recently released wedding reception photos, Chopra and Jonas look super happy and gorgeous. These two make a seriously beautiful couple. But does their actual body language reflect the happiness they say they feel? Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s body language at their wedding reception is sweet, but according to an expert, these two might not be super comfortable with all the attention they're getting right now.

Chopra and Jonas' relationship has certainly been a hot-button topic as of late. While they kept their relationship on the down-low for several months, their exclusive interview with Vogue revealed they were actually dating for way longer than we thought, and were on each other's radars starting in 2017. After what felt like a whirlwind romance, the two announced their engagement in August 2018 and spent the rest of the year planning the stunning wedding ceremonies that took place last weekend in Jodhpur and New Delhi, India.

While the photos they've posted since have shown them looking very much in love and thrilled to be Mr. and Mrs., I spoke to a body language expert about their wedding reception photos, taken on Dec. 4 in New Delhi, and her analysis reveals something a little... off. In short, mostly discomfort. Although it's impossible to say what Chopra and Jonas were really thinking and feeling, their body language gives us a hint, and it's really not what I was expecting.

Walking toward the platform, the couple looked relaxed.

While Jonas and Chopra start to head toward the platform for photos, they're both smiling. It truly looks like a happy moment. Brown says that here, they look like they're on the same page. She says Jonas looks "relaxed."

Here, Nick looks slightly uncomfortable.

Stunning? No doubt. Comfortable? Not really.

"This is a cultural position," body language expert Traci Brown tells Elite Daily, of their pose in this photo. "He's doing his best with it but we don't see that comfortable smile from him. See how his lips are closed? His feet are pointed toward her which says that this is where his attention really is. She looks lots more comfortable and in her element."

While Jonas might have been a little overwhelmed with all that was going on, his focus was still on his wife, which is super sweet.

Here, they're showing signs of intimacy.

Almost all of these photos were taken knowingly, meaning the couple knew they were being photographed, so they were posing. Posed photographs may often be difficult to read for body language, but it's safe to assume that after posing for wedding photos all weekend and into the week, they were probably pretty over it. At least, that's what Nick's body language indicates here.

"Again we see him with that closed mouth smile," Brown explains. "He'd rather not be in this moment. But she's having a great time with it. Their hands are all tangled up while his hand is on her stomach area which is a sign of intimacy. But it's clear he's doing this for her."

Really, their body language here says a lot.

"His hand is at his side, not connected to her at all. She's at the same time guarding a bit with her hand on her stomach and showing ownership of him with her hand on his chest," says Brown. She notices that these pictures overall send a different vibe than the rest of the couple's wedding photos.

"These are way different pics than what I've seen this week. My thought is that this is an uncomfortable moment where he's out of his element with the cultural protocols," she explains. However, if there were "more pics in different situations that show these signs then I'd say that they may not be well matched," she concluded.

This isn't to say that Chopra and Jonas aren't well matched; they're married and gorgeous and living their best married lives. But according to Brown, these photos do present a different side to their wedding festivities than the ones we saw of their wedding ceremonies. Whether they were just exhausted, sick of posing for photos, or wanted some time to really be together, their body language definitely did not show comfort here.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily