Thaddea Graham as Bea and Darci Shaw as Jessie in The Irregulars

Netflix Canceled 'The Irregulars' After 1 Season & Fans Are NOT Pleased

by Ani Bundel

When The Irregulars arrived on Netflix at the end of March 2021, it seemed to have everything going for it. Starring a gang of clever street urchins led by Thaddea Graham's Bea, this supernatural mystery series was a mashup of genre fun. From Agatha Christie-style house murders to a world-threatening irregularity, the next generation of Sherlocks, including a royal princeling, were here to solve it. But sadly, there won't be a repeat engagement. According to Deadline, Netflix canceled The Irregulars after Season 1, despite the series' popularity. Call it case closed.

Netflix only releases official data on its viewership sporadically, and when it does, it's usually only for its highest performing shows. So fans may never know just how well or how badly The Irregulars performed in the ratings. That said, Nielsen, the company whose name is synonymous with measuring television viewership, reported The Irregulars was a highly streamed series. According to its measurements, the series even beat out Disney+'s heavily-hyped The Falcon & The Winter Soldier when it debuted on March 26.

But apparently, that wasn't enough to renew the series for a second round. Rumor has it the show was headed for a return engagement, with some sources going so far as to claim the series was reportedly scheduled to start filming this summer. But apparently, that is not to be.

Fans were not happy to learn the series was being given the ax.

The reactions ranged from polite requests to reconsider to straight-up anger.

The frustration isn't surprising. The Irregulars is the latest in a string of shows led by women to be canceled after all reports suggested another season was in the works. That laundry list of series given the one-and-done routine include Teenage Bounty Hunters, Away, and I Am Not Okay With This. Meanwhile, shows like Cursed remain in limbo while series like Glow had in-production seasons straight up revoked.

The fact is, fans don't know why Netflix execs make the choices they do. Perhaps The Irregulars didn't hit nearly the high Nielsen analysts thought it did. For all anyone knows, this was a matter of behind-the-scenes negotiations with cast members, writers, or creators breaking down in some way.

Why the show was canceled is a mystery that will probably never be solved. Too bad The Irregulars won't be around to take on the case.