Nayara Tented Camp features a luxurious pool on a deck that overlooks the volcanoes and green mounta...

This Resort In Costa Rica Has A Sloth Sanctuary & I Need To Go

Have you been daydreaming about going on a tropical trip, or watching the latest season of The Bachelor where Peter and his contestants explored Costa Rica? You've probably looked into various resorts in this area and all the amenities they have to offer. Here's the deal: Nayara Tented Camp in Costa Rica, which just opened in Dec. 2019 and is part of the Nayara Resorts' collection of properties, should be at the top of your bucket list. It's actually a sloth sanctuary and resort all in one — and it looks so luxe.

You likely won't find accommodations like this one that's mindfully tucked into the jungle so all travelers can have a renewing experience. You may not find a chic, private plunge pool or a canopy bed that makes you feel like you're waking up amongst the trees, and offered excursions right on the resort's property. Oh, and this resort's ability to connect you with nature by taking you around its very own sloth preserve? That's unparalleled.

Not to mention, Nayara Tented Camp — and its fellow properties — is home to some of the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom. Whether you're a major lover of sloths or simply have a tropical #vacay on your mind, it's time you book a stay here and have this dreamy experience for yourself.

Courtesy of Nayara

Let's talk about Nayara Tented Camp and what you can expect from your next stay. This property is one of three Nayara properties in Costa Rica — including Nayara Gardens and Nayara Springs — which are connected by footbridges. It recently opened in Dec. 2019. It's a fresh way for guests to experience the country's rainforest, and for the resort to grow their sloth sanctuary and running list of experiences.

Upon arrival, guests will be checked into one of 29 suites with stunning #views of a nearby volcano. According to press materials from Nayara, each room is air-conditioned and comes with a private plunge pool for when you want throw on your cute bathing suit and take a dip. Some of the rooms, known as "tents," have a passageway connecting them to suites where other travelers are staying (this is perfect for booking with another couple or some friends). During the reservation process, you can opt for this joint experience, or to have your own standalone tent.

Just outside of the tents are seven private hot springs that you can soak in with your SO or adventure-loving best friend. They're nestled into the rainforest to ensure that you feel connected to the atmosphere and can escape into the peaceful vibes of the Earth. When you're done chilling in the hot spring, you can wander back to your room and enjoy an outdoor shower, or lounge in your canopy bed that's designed with a rich mix of Costa Rican and traditional African elements. You can also choose to try out the excursions on the resort's property and spot some sloths.

Courtesy of Nayara

Nayara offers every guest the opportunity to participate in a sanctuary tour where their expert nature guide, Juan Pablo, will take you through the property to spot these creatures in their natural habitat. The guide may educate you during this time on how the resort planted more than 1,000 Cecropia trees to give these sloths a nourishing home. From there, you may be able to spot some lingering in the trees and snacking on their go-to food. Although you cannot interact with the sloths, being able to spot them in the trees from afar will still make for an unforgettable time.

Afterwards, you may choose to participate in one of many other unique experience this resort has to offer, like yoga and meditation where you're up high above the trees. Are you an outdoorsy person? Opt to have one of Nayara's nature guide take you off the property to Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, where you'll get to hike through the rainforest, have a personalized picnic on a hilltop, and roam over lava fields. (Don't worry, they're all dried up now.) On this one-of-a-kind experience, you can even stop at a local coffee farm where the resort gets their own coffee beans — according to the official press release.

Sounds dreamy, right? To book your stay, you just need to head to the Nayara Tented Camp website, and tap "Book Now." Room rates begin at $1,200 per night and are worth every single penny.