Miller High Life's Champagne Bottles for 2019 are the perfect toast to the holidays.

Miller High Life's Champagne Bottles Of Beer Are Bubbly On A Budget

Courtesy of Miller Brewing Company

Get ready, because your holiday beer run is about to get so festive. Miller High Life's Champagne Bottles of beer are back, and they're perfect for celebrating on a budget. It looks like these sold out pretty fast last year, so you'll want to get your hands on some ASAP.

Known as the champagne of beers, the oversized bottle is perfect for the holidays. A Miller Coors rep says the Miller High Life Champagne Bottles full of beer will be roll out to retailers nationwide in November. At a price of $3.49 per bottle, you won't bust your budget, either. If you're 21 or older, you can grab one, two, or 10 of them to help you check off your holiday shopping list. These 750-milliliter Champagne bottles are filled with Miller High Life beer, which is equal to just over two 12-ounce bottles.

The OG Miller High Life beer was first introduced Dec. 30, 1903, to toast to the New Year, and Miller knows this tradition is important to fans. According to the Miller Coors Blog, the limited-edition Miller High Life Champagne Bottles made appearances as a test release on shelves back in Chicago in 2016 — and a limited release in 2017 included Milwaukee — but 2018 saw the first time these bubbly offerings were sold nationwide.

Courtesy of Miller Brewing Company

If you're in New York City, you'll want to keep an eye out for a custom champagne bottle vending machine. Yeah, you heard that right: Miller High Life has a vending machine full of its beer-filled champagne bottles that will appear in different locations across the city during the second week of December. A Miller rep says the "machine will be stocked with 150 bottles ... and the champagne bottles will be free to consumers on a first come, first served basis." Whether you sip it out of a Champagne flute or a pint glass is totally your call.

Courtesy of Miller Brewing Company

To complement your holiday with Miller Coors, you can drop by Miller Lite's website to snag an ugly holiday sweater. The brand recently announced its collection of holiday gear, and it even includes a scarf for your pup.

With a Champagne bottle filled with beer for you and a cozy scarf for your doggo, you're ready to have the most festive holiday yet.