Miley Doesn't Regret Telling Her Exes To "Eat Sh*t" In "Prisoner" & Here's Why

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If 2019 was the year Ariana Grande was thankful for her exes, it only makes sense to turn over a new leaf in 2020. Miley Cyrus is the latest pop star packing subliminal messages into her music, and if fans take a close look at her "Prisoner" music video with Dua Lipa, they'll notice she tossed some not-so-subtle shade at her exes. But Miley Cyrus' reason for telling her exes to "eat sh*t" in "Prisoner" actually makes so much sense.

Cyrus and Lipa released the official video for "Prisoner" on Nov. 19, and they took fans for one wild ride. The singers were seen getting rowdy with friends on a tour bus, delivering a bloodied stage show, and even sharing a kiss. By the end of the video, Cyrus added to the madness by writing "In Loving Memory of My Exes. Eat Sh*t," on a graphic at the end.

In an interview with the Australian news show The Project, Cyrus elaborated on why she included the graphic. "I think life can be very painful and sometimes poking fun at it and laughing along with it, like I feel like life is laughing at me, you know, pulling it's strings," she explained. "Just creating whatever chaos that it wants to and it doesn't take it easy on us."

YouTube/Miley Cyrus

She continued, "I think that was a way that I was able to kind of fight back at that and poke a little fun at it and create something that was campy and that was kind of the perfect bookend for what we made."

You can watch the "Prisoner" video in full for yourself below.

While Cyrus didn't allude to any specific ex in her music video message, she's gone through multiple breakups over the past several years that may have inspired it. She called it quits with Cody Simpson in August after 10 months of dating. She also had a highly-publicized divorce in August 2019 when she and Liam Hemsworth announced their separation.

Through it all, Cyrus hasn't lost an ounce of her fierceness, and the "Prisoner" video is the best evidence.