Miley Left The Funniest Instagram Comment About Her Short Marriage To Liam


Miley Cyrus is never one to avoid an awkward situation. Sometimes she does just the opposite, leaning into it and making a joke at her own expense. That’s exactly what she did on Dec. 19, when an artist "requested" to marry her on social media. In response, Miley Cyrus’ Instagram comment about her short marriage is both sweet and just a little bit uncomfortable — but hey, you’ve got to stan this level of witty self-awareness.

It started when Matty Mo, a Los-Angeles based artist who goes by @themostfamousartist on IG, posted about his ambitious resolution for the new year. He changed his bio to read, “Getting married to @MileyCyrus in 2020.” He then posted a screenshot with the caption, “Upping my manifestation game for 2020 and putting this out there — @MileyCyrus.”

That level of commitment to his goal ended up working out. Well... kind of. Cyrus responded with a comment that can only be described as epic. “It probably won’t last long,” she wrote, followed by a wedding ring emoji. “But always down to try, You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Is it just me, or does that seem like a direct reference to her eight-month marriage to Liam Hemsworth?

Cyrus and Hemsworth got married Dec. 23, 2018, after having dated on-and-off since 2009. They announced their split Aug. 10, 2019, right around the time Cyrus was photographed kissing Kaitlynn Carter on a boat in Italy. The singer is now dating fellow musician Cody Simpson, and Hemsworth is reportedly getting serious with model Gabriella Brooks.

Since Cyrus and Hemsworth’s marriage technically lasted less than a year, this joke lands with typical cheeky Cyrus flair. But also, let’s never forget the many years they were a couple. (I know, I know… I’m never letting my love for MiLiam die.) Still, it’s endearing to see Cyrus making light of her past and moving forward without any self-judgement. Spoken like a truly resilient icon!

If you, too, want to manifest a marriage to Cyrus in 2020, Mo is now selling T-shirts with his IG message on the front. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here trying to figure out how to communicate my New Years’ resolution to the reportedly newly-single Channing Tatum. Maybe a Twitter bio proposal is the move?