If You're Feeling Super Put Together Lately, Thank Mercury In Virgo & Take Advantage

Didn't Mercury in Leo seem like it lasted forever? Well, that's because Mercury was in retrograde and moving backward instead of forward, taking its sweet time in the fiery, ostentatious sign of Leo. If you're tired of Leo's ability to make you overly expressive and needy for attention, get ready for a replenishing change when Mercury in Virgo 2018 finally begins on Sep. 5.

Since Mercury is the planet that governs the way your mind functions, as well as the way you communicate and process information, it has the power to change your perspective completely. If the moon is your emotions, Mercury is your logic. This planet rules over Virgo and Gemini, meaning that when it enters either of these signs, we get to experience the fullest extent of its power. When it leaves behind Leo, prepare for your mental intelligence to expand and sharpen in a way that helps you accomplish whatever you set your mind to. After a hazy, lazy summer, this astrological shift will make all the difference for your goals.

To reinforce how lucky this transition is, Mercury will also be forming a grand earth trine with Uranus (planet of revolution) and Saturn (planet of discipline). In astrology, a grand trine means that all three planets are working together spectacularly, making Mercury in Virgo a time of positive motivation and incredibly focused thinking. Use this cosmic guidance to help you combat procrastination and get back to work.

Conquer Confusion With Critical Thinking

Virgo is a mutable earth sign known for its superhuman thinking skills. Someone with Virgo placements in their birth chart has the ability to organize a mess, analyze intricate details, solve complex puzzles, and decipher meaning in cryptic situations. A Virgo mind functions like a star detective, finding clues every step of the way until they flawlessly determine the root of the crime. When Mercury enters Virgo, prepare for your cognitive strength to reach new levels of intensity.

This is a perfect time to dedicate yourself to studying new subjects, reading complicated books, and doing anything that puts your intelligence to good use. It's also an ideal time to make important decisions that require a deep level of critical thinking. When Mercury is in Virgo, your mind can handle anything. You'll notice details that you overlooked and you'll understand concepts in a way you never did before. If you've been feeling bewildered all summer long, Mercury in Vigo will help everything make so much more sense.

Make Detailed Plans And Stick With Them

Virgo is famous for its organizational habits and planning abilities. I'm sure after a long and pleasurable summer, you've left a few of your priorities on the back-burner. You might even feel like you've been procrastinating on important tasks. However, when Mercury enters Virgo, you'll be able to take a good look at your life and make a plan to accomplish anything that needs accomplishing.

To really get the most out of this sharpening astrological placement, you should make a list of every single thing that needs to be done. Perhaps it's time to start looking for a new job, sign up for that new fitness program, or finally start painting again. Your tasks could be even simpler than that. Maybe you'd just like to start eating more vegetables, reading more books, and getting up earlier in the morning. Allow Mercury in Virgo to assist you in a very personal form of productivity, because success means something different to everyone.

Complete Projects With Focused Precision

Unlike Gemini, which is known for starting several projects at once without completing any of them, Virgo is known for their patient ability to thoroughly accomplish one thing at a time. If you tend to rush through projects or get bored before you've really started getting in the groove of an activity, Mercury in Virgo will help you slow down and concentrate. This transit will help you finish your tasks without forgetting important details and added reinforcement. Virgo wants everything to at least be 110 percent and they refuse to cut corners in order to get there.

However, Virgo's precise concentration sometimes comes at the sacrifice of the bigger picture. A downside to their intricate mind is their ability to get bogged down by minor, insignificant details, which can slow down the process even more. Make sure that you don't get so lost in the process that you waste your energy. Remember that reaching the finish line on time is just as important.