The Advice You Should Follow During Mercury Retrograde, According To Your Sign

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When Mercury enters retrograde, it's a time of pure astrological panic. Being an inner-planet with a backwards tailspin that only lasts around three weeks, it makes sure to pack a deadly punch in a short amount of time. Since Mercury rules over communication, technology, cognitive function, transportation, and the aspects of our life that allow things to run smoothly, several things can crash and burn. If you're not mindful about your actions, it could run your whole life into the ground. However, there is always advice you should follow during Mercury retrograde. If you take precautions and remain patient while it stations retrograde from July 26 to Aug. 19, 2018 in the egotistical and dramatic sign of Leo, this period can actually be super cleansing for your overall life.

Take the following advice to heart, and you can avoid awkward conversations, regretful meetings with exes, technological blunders, and overall embarrassment and frustration. I know it's easier to delude yourself into thinking that Mercury retrograde isn't a big deal, that you can sidestep its petty attempts to foil your plans. Hey, even I've tried that before. But speaking from personal experience, you'd be embarking on a dangerous path.

No one should ever be too proud to prepare for the mayhem of Mercury retrograde. And, since this is Mercury's problem after all, you should check advice given to your sun sign, rising sign, and Mercury sign, because truthfully, you're gonna need all the advice you can get.


Take care not to prioritize fun and pleasure over important tasks. Be careful about who you have sex with, avoid participating in risky games, and keep the heavy partying to a minimum. You may regret your hedonism later.


Avoid conflicts with your family. If you feel like rebelling against traditions, wait until Mercury Rx is over before causing a commotion. Don't make drastic decisions in your home life, such as redecorating or moving.


Think twice before you speak. Communicate with integrity and honesty. Avoid lying and gossiping. Remember to double check everything before hitting "send." Practice patience and restraint during tense conversations.


Don't make any serious financial commitments. If you have to, reserve a lot of time to weigh the pros and cons of the decision. Keep the spending to a minimum. If you're low on money, don't do anything risky to acquire fast cash.


Keep your ego in check. Conceited behavior could land you in sticky situations later. Don't brag with nothing to back up your claims. Try to practice humility and self-awareness. Turn your confidence inward rather than outward.


Don't be afraid to speak up. Too much restraint, and everyone will walk all over you. Be patient and mindful with your words, but you must speak when it's important. Drift too far into your own world and you'll get stuck there.


Think twice about who you spend your time with. Wait until Mercury Rx is over before making serious commitments to a new crowd. Avoid conflict with your existing community and don't allow friends to peer pressure you.


Don't make any major career changes, such as quitting your job, accepting a job offer, or changing your university major. If you absolutely have to, make sure you read all the fine print and consider all the pros and cons first.


Avoid long-distance travel. If you must make the journey, plan ahead and prepare for mistakes to be made. Overall speaking, leave lofty and ambitious prospects on the back burner until Mercury Rx is over.


Don't investigate into things that may hurt your feelings. During Mercury Rx, ignorance is bliss. Don't look at your ex's Instagram, don't dig for truth you're not ready to hear, and avoid seeing things that can't be unseen.


Wait until Mercury Rx is over before breaking up with your S.O. or entering a new relationship with someone else. Avoid fighting with your S.O., best friend, or business partner. Be mindful when making relationship-based decisions.


Do your best to stay organized. If you're messy, you could lose important items or forget crucial information. Avoid eating unhealthy and falling behind on your fitness. Complete existing projects rather than beginning new ones.

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