Melania Trump Posted A Photo For New Year's That Has Everyone Asking One Major Question

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's kind of a New Years's Eve tradition to spend the holiday with those closest to you, or at the very least, to think of the end of one year and the beginning of another as a time to reflect on your relationships and show appreciation to the people you love. So it is precisely because of this New Year's practice of having gratitude for loved ones, that Melania Trump's New Year's 2019 tweet is, to put it lightly, a tad bizarre. It has the whole world asking one question, in fact: Who the heck did she crop out of her celebratory photo?

Yes, the first lady posted a (slightly pixelated, let's be honest) black and white New Year's pic of her smiling face on both Twitter and Instagram with the caption:

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! ✨

Nice, right? Or nice enough? The whole thing starts off just fine at first glance. Yes, it really all seems pretty normal, until you see the bottom right hand corner of FLOTUS' picture, where she appears to have cropped someone out. All that is left of what was once the full face of a human being is a little hair, an eyebrow, part of a glittering 2019 Instagram filter, and one youthful, inquiring eyeball.

Well, hello there! Yes, this mystery person seems completely unaware that they are soon to be cropped right on out of this smiling New Year's shot all together, with the world left to wonder who exactly they are.

For now at least, no one is certain of this cropped-out person's identity, but most of the internet, myself included, are assuming that it's a portion of the face of Melania and Donald Trump's son, Barron.

But why would a mother crop her own son out of a picture, particularly when she seems to be quite happy in the shot, and cropping it would not only mean losing his face, but losing the '19 in 2019 on her Instagram filter?

Well, your guess is as good as mine, friends. Perhaps it is for the sake of Barron's privacy. But then, I must ask: Why not just choose another picture? One where you can't see his little eyeball staring right the hell at you?

So many questions, y'all. So many questions.

Either way, it's no surprise that Twitter took to cracking the case immediately, and most people simply could not believe that she chose so very clearly to crop someone out. Particularly if that someone was, indeed, young Barron.

The Trump family's holiday celebrations have already made several headlines, which is really no surprise. And things seem about as chaotic and disturbing as ever in Washington D.C., as President Trump is apparently just now agreeing to begin negotiations on the government shutdown, according to The Guardian. Yes, 2019 might continue to be just as much of a rollercoaster as 2018, at least in the White House. And if Melania Trump's New Year's Eve post is any indication, the Trump family's internet presence will continue to be just as strange and difficult to decipher in 2019.