Meghan Trainor Says COVID Made Daryl Sabara Miss Out On This Major Pregnancy Moment

Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

It's been an emotional year for nearly everybody one way or another, and Meghan Trainor is no exception. While 2020 has been full of wonderful moments for the singer (she has a baby on the way, and she just released the Christmas album she's been dreaming of for years), the painful, stress-filled reality of the coronavirus pandemic is still very real, and she's not taking it lightly. Meghan Trainor's says finding silver linings while pregnant during a pandemichelp her focus on what's important.

On Oct. 7 Trainor shared she and husband Daryl Sabara are expecting their first child together with an adorable Christmas-themed Instagram announcement. And the surprises didn't stop there[!]— Trainor enlisted Sabara's help to reveal the sex of their baby boy during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Oct. 20. While a pregnancy announcement and reveal can seem like a formality to some Trainor tells Elite Daily they were both extremely important to her. She made it a point to involve Sabara publicly in both for an important reason.

"I wanted Daryl to have a moment because he's not allowed to go to my doctor's appointments," Trainor explains. "I have to go alone [because of COVID-19 restrictions], and so he hasn't got to be there for a lot of stuff, which is heartbreaking."

While dealing with social distancing restrictions has been stressful, there have still been plenty of exciting moments for Trainor and Sabara as they prepare for their new baby, which is why they're extra committed to taking COVID-19 seriously. "I don't go to restaurants. I don't go out. I don't risk it," Trainor says. "Because I know how COVID is still very much here."

Trainor knows the importance of taking proper precautions amid the pandemic, which is why she's using her platform to partner up with Safeguard Soap to promote washing your hands. Her involvement is all in honor of a group of people she calls superheroes: teachers. Safeguard is making America's educators all over the country a priority, providing them with hand soap and sanitizer to help protect them and their students, a cause Trainor says is super important to her because teachers "never get enough credit."

One lesson that's come out of the pandemic for Trainor is the importance and simplicity of showing others you care. Case in point: Trainor's entire family (whom the singer lives with) shows they have her best interest at heart by limiting their exposure to those outside their home.

"We've gotten closer, especially with the pandemic," Trainor shares of her mom, Kelli; dad, Gary; and brothers, Ryan and Justin. "They've been so safe for me. They stopped going golfing and stopped going out and stopped seeing friends just to make sure that I've been safe. I've really seen their love during this time, and I've been so grateful for that, and they're so excited for the baby."

Trainor didn't fret too much about the idea of being quarantined at home, especially since she's surrounded by family. She used the extra time as an opportunity to make one of her biggest dreams come true: a Christmas album. Trainor — a Christmas baby herself, having been born on Dec. 22 — dropped A Very Trainor Christmas on Oct. 30, and it's truly a family affair.

"This album was always super important, and [I wanted] to get it right," Trainor shares, noting her brothers both helped her write music for the album. "When we were all trapped at home, we were like, 'Oh, it's the perfect time. Let's do it here.' We had all the tools we needed, and if we needed help, we would send it out to people, and they would send it back."

Trainor even dropped an adorable, animated lyric video for her single off the album, "My Kind of Present."

Exciting times are surely ahead for Trainor and Sabara as they prepare to welcome the ultimate Christmas gift: their baby.