Meghan Markle Reportedly Threw A "Sayonara Zara" Party At The Start Of Her Career

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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I've always imagined that if/when I were to ever become rich, I'd start out by, I don't know, paying off the rest of my student loans, buying my parents a house, or at least copping a pink Gucci Marmont Mini Metallic Shoulder Bag. However, I guess everyone has a different idea of how to celebrate "making it," including the stars we know and love. At the beginning of her acting career, Meghan Markle reportedly threw a "Sayonara Zara" party to celebrate her newfound fame, success, and, well, impending elevated fashion choices, I guess. Elite Daily reached out to Markle's reps for comment on the reported party, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

According to Vanity Fair, a source in the Hollywood scene claimed that, when the Duchess was first starting out, she apparently hosted a party, "unofficially billed as a 'Sayonara Zara' party," and reportedly proceeded to gift the attendees the more affordable clothing items that were once hers.

Now, I, personally, can't say my automatic reaction to making it big would be to get rid of my already-existing entire wardrobe. I mean, think about it. That's potentially thousands of dollars worth of clothing reportedly having been given away. And while I'm sure the guests of the reported "party" were grateful for the new additions to their wardrobe, wouldn't Markle miss some of those clothes?

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Aside from the fact that Zara always has super cute dresses, coats, jeans, and accessories on their racks season after season, you'd think that the now-Duchess might want to hold on to some staple pieces, if not for anything more than a reminder of humbler beginnings. But hey, to each their own.

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Let's fast forward, though, to Markle's current life as the Duchess of Sussex, where her charitable responsibilities involve more than just reportedly giving away free clothes to party guests.

It's no secret that her style is coveted by millions, and while we have seen her in some fast-fashion brands comparable to Zara, most of the outfits she wears to royal engagements typically cost upward of a few thousand dollars, are custom made, or are topped off with borrowed pieces of jewelry from the Queen's royal jewels collection. Basically, it's no surprise that, yes, as a member of the British Royal Family who is and forever will be in the spotlight, her outfits nowadays cost a lot more than the average person (aka me) is going to spend at Zara's current winter sale.

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Regardless of her clout, though, according to People, Markle is unable to accept designer clothing for free, believe it or not, even if the clothes were to be gifted to her by said designer. Instead, either the Duchess, and her husband Prince Harry are the ones to fund the outfits, or they dip into a clothing budget that reportedly comes from Prince Charles' estimated $28 million Duchy of Cornwall income.

OK, I mean, I guess if I had suddenly become a member of the royal family and was able to pull from a $28 million income, I would probably lay off shopping at Zara just a little bit in favor of more elevated items. However, that's not to say I'd exclaim "sayonara" to Zara completely. In fact, I might even consider taking a page out of the Duchess of Cambridge's book. Yes, even Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing Zara a number of times as a Royal.

But hey, at the end of the day, it's anyone's choice what do or don't do with their belongings.