Meghan Markle & Trevor Engelson's Zodiac Signs Reveal Why They Got Divorced

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With every star sign comes the good and the bad. There will be qualities that make you stan or character quirks that make you whisper to yourself, "Wow, I'm never going to be friends with XYZ sign ever again." Or you'll run into a mix of both with someone. Star sign compatibility isn't fixed or perfect — sometimes, an "opposites attract" scenario ends up being a match made in hell. Looking at Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson's astrological compatibility, it's easy to see how that became the case.

Markle is a Leo; her Aug. 4 birthday falls in the Leo season zone of July 23 to Aug. 22. Engelson, on the other hand, is a Scorpio; his Oct. 23 birthday is right at the beginning of the season, which runs from Oct. 23 to Nov. 22. A Leo and Scorpio who get together romantically could offer vastly different and enjoyable life perspectives to their partner. But in the same way getting to know someone better or a change of circumstances can accentuate the best parts of someone's personality, it can also exacerbate irreconcilable differences. A Leo-Scorpio relationship will always be a tense one, with each person would also be pulled in opposite directions, as far as friends, career, and lifestyle goes.

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Leos, being fire signs, typically have big personalities and are very outgoing. Leos like leading roles and being at front of the stage. Like the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, Leos bring the heat and approach life with the fearlessness of a flame. They're the go-getters of the world. They're the type of people to wake up early on Saturdays to work out and run errands, or hustle with school and a full-time job, and still manage to have perfect winged eyeliner every day.

Scorpios, meanwhile, have a reputation for being dark and mysterious. They'll be the really hot person in the corner at a party, sipping cool cocktails, and roasting everyone else with their friends. Like fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces, Scorpios are also very sensitive.

With this in mind, you can totally see how a romance sparked between Markle and Engelson. With that classic go-getter Leo attitude, Markle has been on her grind for years. From 2005 to 2018 — with one year off in 2007 — Markle was consistently booked and busy with TV and film roles. Even in her starring role as Duchess of Sussex, she has been a hell of a philanthropist while attending to her royal duties. Markle's championed the arts, higher education in over 50 countries, animal rights, and women's economic empowerment. That's just in her first year, on top of an international royal tour and giving birth to Archie.

Oh, and Markle looks like a bad b*tch everywhere she goes, in duster coats, heels, and hair slayed to the gods. She also moves through her public appearances with grace and warmth — because, in the most endearingly Leo way possible, she's soaking up the attention. These traits all make Markle the quintessential Leo and an attractive pick as a partner — even for a Scorpio.

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And in turn, a Scorpio like Engelson could be a good romantic challenge for a Leo. Here is someone who is an ultra-deep thinker, and has a quirkier, less mainstream way of looking at things. Recently, Engelson was an executive producer for the TV reboot of Heathers, a dark comedy about high school murderers. He also produced Remember Metap into your inner Twi-Hard and recall that one dark romantic drama with Robert Pattinson that also centers around death. Leo-Scorpio relationships are like that TV trope where the popular kid and the rock 'n' roll indie kid get together, either platonically or romantically.

And so Markle and Engelson got together, back in 2004. After seven years of dating, they married in 2011 and separated in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences. An excerpt from royal biographer Andrew Morton's book, Meghan, A Hollywood Princess, says that Markle's career was taking off while Engelson's stayed stagnant, which contributed to their breakup. Knowing their signs, too, it's easy to see how the situation could have been exacerbated. A Leo like Markle wouldn't be shy about reveling in her success and living up the glory of a thriving work life.

And maybe, yeah, a Scorpio would be happy for their partner. But that "dark and mysterious" and cynically funny side of a Scorpio would turn brooding and undeniably jealous real quick. "Trevor went from cherishing Meghan to, as one friend observed, 'feeling like he was a piece of something stuck to the bottom of her shoe,'" Morton writes in his biography of Markle. He also adds, "Even at a distance of five years, [Trevor] can barely contain his anger."

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And of course, you can see Markle's and Engelson's signs leap out in how they've handled their divorce. I've watched a couple Leos — both friends and celebrities, like Kylie Jenner post-Tyga — handle a breakup. They might be fuming about their relationship going to pieces privately. But they'll also pour most of their energy into flexing on their ex publicly. Markle married a fine prince, had a great first year as a duchess, and has beautiful, chubby baby. If that's not the flex of the century, I don't know what is.

As for Scorpios, well, listen: Whereas a Cancer would cry about a breakup and a Pisces would journal, a Scorpio would spend hours thinking about the perfect way to get back at their ex. As someone who has a Scorpio best friend, I can lovingly confirm that a Scorpio is the last person afraid of being petty — whether that's with trifling co-workers, someone who cut them off in traffic, or with lovers who have crossed them.

Engelson just happened to get engaged two weeks after the royal wedding. He and his then-fiancée, Tracey Kurland, got married in October 2018. And a wedding guest conveniently and pointedly told The Daily Mail, "The wedding seemed like a small, casual, but intimate affair — a world away from Meghan's huge marriage to Harry in England. The bride and groom looked so much in love and very happy together. The whole event was so them." OK, got it! Then Engelson just happened to throw a wedding party in May 11, 2019 — almost a year after the royal wedding and five days after Archie was born. You see what I mean about Scorpios?

Knowing all there is to know about a Leo's and Scorpio's personalities, the tension they can cause, and how these signs operate post-breakup? It's safe to say that Markle and Engelson's split was for the very best.

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