When Stress Runs High, Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Should Meditate To Find Their Center

Some days it can feel like you're a living, breathing ball of stress, and it honestly seems like nothing will silence the chatter in your mind. You've heard that meditation works wonders, but TBH, where the f*ck do you even start when it comes to incorporating the practice into your busy lifestyle? If you want to begin clearing your mind, learning the best form of meditation for your zodiac sign could be an amazing place to start.

According to a study from Harvard, adding just a few minutes of mindful meditation into your day can provide significant relief from stress and anxiety. And, even though it may seem like it on the surface, meditation isn't a difficult concept. It simply involves sitting comfortably, focusing on your inhales and exhales, and bringing your mind’s attention to the present moment.

Of course, I totally get that sitting still and silent for minutes at a time, with all of the distractions of the modern world fighting for your attention, can be way more difficult in practice than in theory. But that's where astrology comes into play. Tapping into your zodiac sign, and being in touch with your positive and negative characteristics can help you find the type of meditation that is best for you.

So, when you've had the longest day in the world and your stress levels are off the charts, here's how your zodiac sign should meditate.

Aries Needs To Master Their Aggression

An Aries gal can be a bit aggressive, and she probably won't be able to sit still for a meditation session right off the bat.

Your pent-up aggression needs to be let out, so try squeezing in a sweat sesh and finishing it off with a few minutes of meditation. The combination of a workout with some intentional mindfulness may be just what you need.

Traditional Meditation Is Great For Taurus

Taurus peeps are naturally steady, patient, and stable. So when stress comes on strong, all you really need is to find a comfortable seat and bring some traditional meditation into your life.

Try setting a timer on your phone for five to 10 minutes, and simply tune into your breathing until time is up.

Geminis Need To Be Reminded To Breathe Deeply

Geminis are curious, yet restless, and this means their minds are often flooded with too much chatter.

In times of stress, you might literally forget to breathe, so really focus on long, even breathing during your meditation sessions. This will make a world of difference when it comes to everyday anxieties.

Try alternate nostril breathing to get you to really focus on the ebb and flow of breathing and how amazing it feels for your body.

Selfless Service Is Right Up Cancer's Alley

"Karma yoga" is when you participate in unselfish actions such as community service.

Cancers are extremely caring, kind, and selfless, so participating in a karma yoga activity will be all the meditation they need.

A Leo Will Thrive In A Group Meditation

Leos are powerful and love to show off at any chance they get, so while they won't have a problem with focusing on meditation, they must practice putting their ego to rest.

Group meditations will relieve stress, but they'll also challenge you not to compare or compete with others surrounding you.

Setting An Intention Will Help A Virgo Unwind

Virgos need to know why they're doing what they're doing, and when they don't, it just stresses them out even more.

Setting a specific intention for your meditation practice will put your mind at ease and help you remember why you meditate in the first place.

Try phrases like, "I am grateful," or, "I am enough."

Libras Must Learn To Release What Doesn't Serve Them

Starting your meditation practice with a short physical yoga flow will help you sink deeper into a stress-free mindset, Libra.

The strength in your body will complement the strength you find in releasing toxic, negative thoughts.

Scorpio Requires The Most Minimalistic Meditation Possible

Scorpios sometimes have difficulty feeling content with and grateful for what they have, and they tend to find themselves always wanting more.

Meditation will help them detach from their intense desires, and allow them to cultivate an appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.

Sagittarius Might Love A Yoga Nidra

A yoga nidra is a guided meditation where you slip into a state of consciousness that is somewhere between being awake and asleep.

Sagittarius is always looking for ways to open their heart to ward off stress, so this blissful form of meditation might be just what you're looking for.

Capricorn Needs To Let That Sh*t Go

Capricorns seek balance and structure in every aspect of life, but a meditation that allows them to let go of their need to plan every last detail out will ground them and melt away any anxiety.

Let. That. Sh*t. Go.

Aquarius Would Benefit Most From A Guided Meditation

Aquarius thrives on unity of the mind, body, and soul. Communication is what helps them truly de-stress through a meditation practice, which is why a guided meditation will provide the type of connection they crave to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Pisces Would Adore A Sound Bath

Pisces, you are artistic and expressive AF, so when stress hits, you need a unique outlet to release it all.

This form of meditation uses waves of sound to calm the nervous system and connect you to your innermost self. You'll feel totally blissed out after attending a sound bathing class. And hey, you might just go back for a second, or even a third.