These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & You'll Feel So Peaceful

If you're at your wits end with life, don't give up just yet. This is going to be the most enchanting week you could possibly imagine. The planets are not always so kind. However, this week, they're coming together to pour some unbelievable magic into your world. And believe me when I say that it gets even better, because as of May 28, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Cancer, and Sagittarius.

The crazy thing is, even if your zodiac sign did not make the cut, you'll still find a way to join in on the beauty. With a full moon in wild and rambunctious Sagittarius starting the week off with a bang, you'll feel your soul stirred by a desire for adventure; your heart burning with a need to explore the world.

As the week moves on, we'll experience not just one, but three planetary trines. When a trine occurs between two planets, it means that they're in a harmonious position with each other and that their energies are combining to form something even more spectacular. Under a trine, your world starts to flow with ease, love roars against hate, and you are reminded of why life is worth living.

Gemini: You're Going To Be So Full Of Love

With this iridescent full moon dazzling your seventh house of partnerships, friendship and love will be your main concern. You'll be so deeply connected to your appreciation for others that you'll want to do anything to help your loved ones, to prove how much they matter to you. The well of love forming in your chest is deep and it deserves to be shared.

With Mars in your ninth house of adventure while Mercury, your ruling planet, is currently blazing in Gemini, you will be learning at a rapid rate, inspiring everyone around you. This week, you will guide many through darkness and light, showing the world why they're both beautiful. This is a great time to inform yourself of new things, to do something you've never done before. The imprint it will make on your soul is irrevocable.

Cancer: You Will Feel So At Peace With Yourself

Venus is currently spreading the love through Cancer and everyone is feeling the good vibes emanating from your presence. As Venus forms a trine with Jupiter in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, you're bound to be busting up with laughter, smiling until it hurts, and giving in to all things delightful in life. It will feel like you're sitting at highest point in a roller coaster, waiting for the drop to finally take you with excitement. Let those butterflies in your stomach fly.

Venus will also form a trine with Neptune in your ninth house of expansion and discovery, and you will feel a dreamy connection with the world around you, an ability to see beauty in even the most unnoticed things. This is a wonderful week to take a drive somewhere far away, to visit an art museum, to go for a walk on the beach. The sights will set your imagination on fire.

Sagittarius: You're Going To Feel Extremely Powerful

The full moon is in Sagittarius and on this day, you'll metamorphose into the most vibrant, creative, and fierce version of yourself. With so many thoughts going through your head at once, it's rare that your mind and heart work together with ease. However, on this night, you will be able to look directly into your own darkness and understand what it is that makes you so strong.

With the full moon reflecting light from the sun in your seventh house of partnerships, you will feel this power pulsating through your closest relationships. You'll be comforted and emboldened by the amount of people you know, from the bottom of your heart, will always have your back. You'll remember that you have other soldiers in your clan to fight with, other soldiers that you'll always fight for.