May 2021 Will Be The Worst Month For These Zodiac Signs

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are In For A Bumpy Ride Throughout The Month Of May


May is the month of flowers, sunshine, and the fullest expression of springtime beauty. It only makes sense that the month would begin with the sun in graceful, grounded, and gorgeous Taurus, encouraging you to slow down and soak up all the soft and steady vibrations. However, this upcoming May is hardly as smooth-sailing as the vision you may have of it. In fact, May 2021 will be the worst month for these zodiac signs — Cancer, Virgo, and Sagittarius — and for them, it may be way more chaotic and unpredictable than they were hoping for.

Once Gemini season begins on May 20, you could be in for quite a bumpy ride. That's because a blood moon (aka lunar eclipse) will take place on May 26, starting the month off with a major bang. In astrology, blood moons are so much more than a mystical lunation in which the moon begins to radiate the color of crimson red. They signify a major turning point, and oftentimes, they evoke changes that are completely unexpected. When eclipse season begins, there's no telling what the cosmos have planned for you, and to be quite honest, it's out of your hands. However, you can rest assured knowing that what happens in the weeks surrounding an eclipse was meant to happen. In fact, it's always been a part of your destiny.

However, at first, you may have a little trouble knowing which changes are truly permanent. That's because Mercury will station retrograde on May 29 in Gemini, which will infuse the cosmos with confusing and tricky energy. Mercury retrograde can create discord that eventually resolves itself. It can also bring up unfinished business from the past, opening doors that were never really closed.

May is a month of uncertainty, yet it could also lead to permanent changes. All you can do is wait and see what happens:


Cancer: You're Exploring Your Inner World And All Its Shadows

This month could encourage you to do some pretty deep healing, Cancer. After all, as of May 8, both Mercury and Venus will be in your 12th house of spirituality, encouraging you to look inward and allow yourself to feel everything you've been harboring within. You may be keeping secrets from yourself and you may be repressing your emotions so you can get through your days. However, this month, it may feel like an ocean of feeling is washing over you, encouraging you to swim in it and understand it.

Virgo: You May Be Dealing With Some Major Career Shifts

This month could be very busy and very life-altering for you, Virgo. When the lunar eclipse takes place in your 10th house of career on May 26, it will initiate changes that affect you both on a professional and a personal level. There's a balance between your private life and your public life, and this month, that balance may be difficult to achieve. You may be embracing unexpected shifts that force you to reconsider your perception of what your career goals are. It may even lead you to a new path altogether.

Sagittarius: You're Feeling The Pressure Of Unexpected Change

If this month can be summed up in one word, it would be "pressure." It may feel like there's so much on your plate; so much more than you're comfortable with. The cosmos are cooking up quite a storm for you, and although it may be difficult, it also means you're the main character of the story right now. A powerful turning point is falling into place and you're embarking down a journey that will lead you toward your higher self. It may be a bumpy ride, but that makes the destination that much more worthwhile.