May 20, 2021 Will Be The Best Day This Month For Gemini

Geminis, You're Going To Want To Clear Your Social Calendar On May 20

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As summer starts to slowly but surely near, your desire to socialize and mingle is growing stronger and stronger, too. As a Gemini, you're all about connecting with others via conversation, and May 20, 2021 will be the best day for Geminis to spread your social butterfly wings.

Taurus season has been all about taking some time to withdraw and implement stability in your life. But on May 20, you'll begin to feel like your normal, chatty self again. Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, your innate desires are fulfilled through contact with other like-minded individuals, so it's important to exercise that desire or you'll start to get bored. During this time, you'll find yourself more eager than usual to learn new things, and your curious nature is what keeps you constantly growing and evolving.

The first chapter of May was all about finding security and stability within yourself. You thrive when digesting information externally, but your mind and your inner compass are actually your best resources. Taurus season's stabilizing nature may have felt a bit restricting at times, but it allowed you to implement some security and stability in your life as it pertains to your own thoughts and ideas. It's essential to know what you bring to the table when it comes to knowledge so that you can fully show up in your interactions with others. Now that Gemini season is underway, May 20 in particular will be the perfect day for you to stretch your social muscles. Here's why:

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May 20, 2021 Will Be A Perfect Day To Socialize For Gemini

On May 20, the sun will enter your first house of self, illuminating your desire to socialize and connect with those around you through words and intellect. Since the sun plays an illuminating role in astrology, its transit through your first house will highlight the qualities that make you stand out the most: your inquisitive nature, your flexibility, and your willingness to learn from those around you. Since Gemini is a mutable sign, you may even find that some much-needed change is brought into your life during this time as well, allowing you to shift and adapt to any new ideas or new endeavors. As your season nears, it promises your favorite kinds of growth: mental and intellectual.

As someone always looking to try new and different things, your multitasking abilities are enhanced during your season, and those around you notice it, too. If you've been itching to enroll in a new class, learn a new language, or take a road trip, May 20 is the perfect time to do so, with loved ones nearby or available via Zoom. Sharing experiences and learning with others is something you live for, and during this season, the ability to unify through information will be at an all-time high.