May 11, 2021 Will Be The Best Day For Scorpio

Scorpio's Relationships Will Thrive This 1 Day In May

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While springtime doesn't necessarily suit your Mars-ruled Scorpio nature — we're in the midst of Taurus season, which is the sign exactly opposite yours, so it's a great time for romance. There's some familiarity that Taurus season brings, be it the fixed sign nature, or the fact that it rules your seventh house of relationships. Either way, this season is emphasizing your romantic endeavors in a way that's pleasurable, stable, and refreshing. May 11, 2021 will be the best day for Scorpios to take advantage of this energy, prompting new beginnings pertaining to this area of your chart.

Over the past year, Uranus — planet of sudden disruptions and changes — has been slowly traveling through your seventh house of partnerships, where it will remain until 2025. During this time, you'll notice some big changes taking place in your romantic partnerships that will create some big waves over an extended period of time. These changes may not always be welcomed with open arms by you though, because of your fixed sign nature. You like to be in control, and Uranus is asking that you relinquish some of that. However, May 11 will bring some much-needed, stabilizing new beginnings to this area of your chart, nudging you to let them in and lean into these fresh starts.

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May 11, 2021 Will Be The Best Day For Scorpio's Relationships — Here's Why

On this special day, the sun and moon will be conjoining in your seventh house in the sign of Taurus. New moons tend to be much more pleasant than full moons, because they essentially mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle. When the sun and moon come together in this way, it marks a moment of new beginnings. When the moon is in Taurus, it's considered to be exalted, meaning that it has access to the resources it needs in order to manifest properly. May 11 will be the perfect time to set intentions pertaining to romantic relationships and partnerships while the moon is in such a strong position. Be sure to write out your intentions for the new moon to really harness the energy of new beginnings.

With Venus and Uranus still in the mix during this time, expect some pleasant but sudden new beginnings to occur. You're not the biggest fan of change, but you are a fan of transformation, especially when something's no longer working for you. Naturally, you may have the desire to destroy the old thing in order to make room for the new thing (as part of your Mars-ruled nature), but that won't be necessary this time around. The new moon in Taurus will be doing all of the work for you, allowing you to adjust and settle in to some of these new beginnings that will be taking place. If your relationships have been feeling stagnant, this new lunar cycle will give them the boost they need.

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