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These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week Of May 11


Even during difficult times, there will always be positive and motivating astrological transits casting a light on even the darkest of shadows. If you're feeling overwhelmed by everything going on in the world, don't worry. Astrology never leaves you without something to hope for. And if your sun or rising sign happens to be in Taurus, Capricorn, or Pisces, you're in luck, because May 11, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs and not even the cosmos can mess with their happiness.

TBH, if your zodiac sign made the cut this week, you should really count your lucky stars. Venus — planet of beauty and relationships — stations retrograde on May 13, sending confusion straight to your love life. Since Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and it just so happens to be Taurus season, this certainly puts a damper on things by ruining the mood. You might feel a little more pessimistic, insecure, or even unstable during this time. Luckily, this is also an opportunity for you to rethink your communication methods, reinforce your independence, and learn a little bit more about what you find intellectually stimulating. After all, this Venus retrograde does take place in talkative and open-minded Gemini.

However, even in spite of this retrograde, the cosmos are here to help. The sun forms a trine with transformative and empowering Pluto on May 15 as well as spontaneous and growth-oriented Jupiter on May 17. This encourages you to try new things that truly challenge you as well as deepen your perspective and abilities. Let this week bring you all the bravery you need to explore new places and experiment with new ideas. You're hungry for inner expansion and there's no reason to starve yourself.

Here's what the following zodiac signs have going for them:


Taurus: You're Gaining The Strength To Embrace Your True Self

There are so many layers to your personality, Taurus. Your solar return has encouraged you to embrace erratic changes and tap into your eccentric side. You're probably feeling so jittery and excited about all the new things happening in your life. This week, you're ready to overcome challenges that have been holding you back and clear away blockages messing with your flow. Find ways to pave new roads in your life. Critical mentalities and self-doubt have no place where you're going. Celebrate yourself for being exactly where you are. You've already made so much progress.

Capricorn: Your Creativity Has The Power To Heal Your Soul

There's a void you're trying to fill right now, Capricorn. It's as if you're so easily bored with your reality and you're looking to shake things up. Luckily, that's very easy for you to do this week. Do something creative, artistic, or even romantic with your time. Draw for no reason other than the pleasure of it. Write a poem that expresses your true feelings. Crank up the music and dance in your underwear without apology. All of these things will feel so nourishing to your soul. You may have stopped being creative but you'll never lose your creativity. It's like riding a bike, so get back on it.

Pisces: You're Feeling Pumped Up And Totally Ready To Go

It's as if you're waking up from a long, dreamy slumber and you're ready to stretch your legs and get going. Prepare to feel a boost of energy this week, Pisces, and after a period of spiritual introspection and rest, this will feel so motivating. You're in need of some action and you're feeling inspired to put your best self forward, fight for what you want, and let the world know who's boss. In fact, you might even find yourself leveling up in your career now that Mars — planet of passion and drive — officially moves into your sign on May 13. This makes you quite the competitor, Pisces, so make sure you get out there and compete.