Demi Lovato Found Out Her BF Tweeted About Her In 2011 & It’s So Cute

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It turns out Demi Lovato is Matt Ehrich's present and past celebrity crush, according to a recently unearthed tweet. Years before he got together with Lovato, the "Confident" singer's boyfriend dreamed of a day when he and Lovato could be in a relationship — a wish he manifested at the time by sharing it on social media. Max Ehrich’s old tweet about Demi Lovato shows that the Young and Restless actor was crushing on her for years — and Lovato's flirty response shows their romance is heating up.

Since they were first romantically linked in March, Ehrich and Lovato have made no secret of their relationship with surprise social media appearances, quarantine shopping trips, and, most recently, a PDA-packed cameo in Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's "Stuck with U" music video.

The "Cool for the Summer" singer may be feeling smitten and, as she herself said, "really REALLY happy" with her new flame, but it's nothing compared to Ehrich's nearly decade-long crush on her, which some eagle-eyed fans discovered while looking through his Twitter account.

Almost ten years ago in December 2011, the Emmy Award-winning actor sent a tweet out into the universe saying, "All I wanted for Christmas was Demi Lovato."

Shared one day after the holiday, Ehrich — who clearly had no idea his Christmas wish would come true almost a decade later — hashtagged the tweet, "#Cantalwaysgetwhatyouwant."

Lovato, who spotted the recently unearthed the tweet, shared a screenshot on her Instagram Story with the caption "We love a little manifestation" and the flirty comment "@MaxEhrich every Christmas?" to express her approval. She also shared a selfie of the couple kissing for the camera and another shot of them with their dogs, which she embellished with "Family" stickers.

Now that the stars are dating, it sounds like things are moving ahead quickly in the romance department and they both see a future together. An inside source reportedly told E! News that quarantining together has been good for their relationship and that they are "falling in love and so happy together."

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While shooting down rumors that a proposal could be right around the corner, the source said, "This time has been very special because they have been one-on-one with no distractions or stress from outside life. They've really gotten to know each other on a different level."

The source also cited Ehrich's support of Lovato's sobriety as a reason "they both see it moving in a serious direction."

For Ehrich's part, it sounds like his feelings are stronger than ever, as the source added, that he is "very much in love with Demi and is infatuated with her."

Fans will have to wait to see how Ehrich and Lovato's relationship progresses once they're out of quarantine, but here's to the power of manifestation in bringing together this happy couple.