Demi Lovato’s Cameo In Max Ehrich’s Instagram Live May Confirm Their Romance

Demi Lovato Accidentally Crashed Her Rumored BF’s IG Live & I Can’t Stop Laughing

by Daffany Chan
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The internet is buzzing about Demi Lovato's new rumored romance with High School Musical 3 star Max Ehrich. Although neither actor has officially confirmed the relationship yet, Lovato was spotted during Ehrich's recent Instagram Live session, so things must be pretty serious. Demi Lovato's cameo in Max Ehrich's Instagram Live may confirm the sparks between the flirty stars.

Lovato made an unexpected appearance during Ehrich's Instagram Live session on Saturday, March 28 when she walked up behind the singer to cover his shoulders with a blanket. "I'm on live," Ehrich whispered to the smiling Lovato, prompting her to hop out of the frame with blanket in hand as Ehrich covered his mouth in laughter and surprise.

US Weekly reported that Lovato and Ehrich are dating on Wednesday, March 25, which People also confirmed. Fans have also been spotting plenty of flirty exchanges between the two on social media. On Monday, March 23, Ehrich posted a picture of himself shirtless along with the caption, "when u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine stay… have a blessed Monday filled with health, happiness, safety, joy, love, & laughter.” Lovato replied to the shirtless picture with a simple, "Fine by me."

Ehrich uploaded also uploaded a video of himself singing "Yellow" by Coldplay, with the caption, "4D" with a rose and a heart. Fans believed the cryptic caption was actually an adorable message that meant, "for Demi."

To make things even more juicy, Ehrich posted a picture of himself with one of Lovato's dogs on Friday, March 27. The two were also spotted picking up groceries at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 15.

While all the social media love has been pretty telling, Lovato's surprise appearance during Ehrich's latest live session definitely feels like the strongest bit of confirmation that the pair is dating. You can just tell by their reactions that the moment was such a silly mistake, and that they must have known they'd been caught by fans monitoring their possible romance. Check out the moment for yourself below:

A source told E! News that Lovato and Ehrich are quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic, which this new video certainly seems to confirm. The new rumored fling with Ehrich comes about three months after Lovato split from her ex Austin Wilson.

Earlier this month, Lovato made an appearance on Ellen on March 5, where she opened her eating disorder that also led to substance abuse. Thankfully, Lovato got the help she needed, and now wants to help others who are facing similar challenges. "I think it's important that I sit here on this stage and tell you at home, or you in the audience or you right here that if you do go through this, you yourself can get through it," Lovato said. Her new single about self-love and acceptance, titled "I Love Me," was released on Friday, March 6.