The Energy You Need To Accomplish Anything Is On The Way, Thanks To Mars In Aquarius

Fasten your seat belts, astro warriors, because you're about to experience a blast of galvanizing energy. In my astrological opinion, this energy boost could not have arrived any sooner. With as many as seven planetary retrogrades slowing the summer season down, you might still be feeling low on momentum and weighed down by your goals. Since the retrograde of Mars — planet of vitality, aggression, motivation, and instinct — is officially over with, you're probably already feeling things start to speed up. However, when Mars in Aquarius 2018 begins on Sept. 10, 2018, you'll feel fully reawakened from your retrograde stupor.

At first, the shift in energy might seem familiar to you. You may even feel like you're becoming reacquainted with causes that were important to you a few months ago. Unfortunately, you could also feel flustered by resurfacing conflicts. Interestingly enough, this is because Mars was also in Aquarius from May 16 to Aug. 12, 2018.

Why is feisty and impulsive Mars trailblazing through Aquarius again, you may be wondering? Well, since its retrograde began on June 26, 2018, our red-hot Mars slipped so far backwards that it reversed course into Capricorn. Now that it's finally moving direct, Mars is re-entering Aquarius for the second time this year, giving us another shot at using this energy for good. And, trust me, there is so much good when Mars is in Aquarius.

March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Aquarius is ruled by electric, revolutionary, and rebellious Uranus. Going against the grain is what it does best. Known for unexpectedly breaking away from the mainstream and committing to independence, Mars in Aquarius will inspire you to be true to yourself, no matter what anyone thinks.

Because Mars is what fuels your heart and motivates you to take action, this independent streak will infuse you on so many levels. This is a time to let go of co-dependency, stop caring about anyone else's opinions, and delve deep into self-love. If anyone tries to change you, oppress you, or make you feel guilty for being who you are, Mars in Aquarius will help you promptly show these people the door. Right now, your individuality is stronger than anything. Right now, it's time to start making your own decisions.

Fight For A Better Future

Another beautiful thing about Aquarius is its intensely idealistic nature. When Mars is in Aquarius, your instincts to forge a better reality will be set on fire. There is no better time to promise yourself a better future and to begin thinking of the ways in which your perspective of life can improve. What are you dreams? What are your lifelong goals? What are you doing in order to achieve them? If you're not going enough, Mars in Aquarius will be the motivating kick that you've been hoping for.

The fact that Mars in Aquarius is happening for the second time this year only reinforces its importance for your future. Prepare to experience visions of what your life could be. Expect lofty and brilliant ideas to flood your mind, revving the engine in your heart. Those dreams of yours? The ones that you can't stop thinking about? They're nagging you for a reason. Don't ignore them.

Awaken Your Inner Humanitarian

Aquarius is known as the water bearer for a reason. In astrology, the element of water is intrinsically tied to our emotions, intuition, and unconscious. Although Aquarius is technically an air sign, the element known for logic, ideas, and action, it "bears" water by being the leader for humanitarian movements. Think of Aquarius as the sign that is strong enough to take all of us under its wing and fly us to safety. With Mars in Aquarius, we'll all be inspired to participate in humanitarian efforts.

These humanitarian efforts don't need to be complex. While you could feel motivated to improve the whole of society through protest, charity, or volunteer work, your efforts could be way more simple than that. It could mean taking care of a friend in need, adopting a pet, or speaking up when you witness injustice. Whatever humanitarianism means to you, Mars in Aquarius will ignite it.