Margot Robbie's SAG Awards Dress Has The Tiniest Little See-Through Details That Are Too Good

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Margot Robbie really looked the part of Queen Elizabeth I in her latest film, Mary Queen Of Scots, and even though she was spot-on, I have a feeling most people will prefer her look from the red carpet tonight by a long shot. Margot Robbie's look at the 2019 SAG Awards definitely has the star looking more like herself — gone are QE1's red curls and caked-on white makeup, and in their place, Robbie's natural beauty shines through. She's always been one to really wow at red carpet events, and tonight was absolutely no different, as she once again slayed us all.

Robbie's acting was as strong as her convincing makeup and costuming in Mary Queen Of Scots, and she earned a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role as a result. She's always been incredible at transforming into her characters and really mastering their appearances — in addition to Queen Elizabeth I, her sexy-yet-scary Harley Quinn is a perfect example, as is her performance as Tonya Harding in I, Tonya. When it comes to the actual award shows, though, it's all about making sure the real Margot Robbie is on full display.

She hit the SAG red carpet wearing a white and gold Chanel gown that makes her look like the ultimate Grecian goddess. Seriously, the look is just as fun as it is timeless.

Beautiful, wonderful, stunning, as always:

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Robbie's gown features gold, woven detailing striped across the dress every so often. The woven portions are even a little loose, giving the look the tiniest bit of see-through action. She enhanced the gold detailing with a bright gold clutch and gold and pearl earrings.

As for her beauty look, Robbie wore her hair down and parted in the middle, with very soft waves framing her face. Her eyeshadow look was — wait for it — gold, juxtaposed with pinky nude lips and soft pink cheeks. The entire look was fresh, yet incredibly eloquent, and I think it's my favorite look on her to date, TBH.

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I can wholeheartedly and honestly say that I cannot remember ever not loving one of Robbie's red carpet ensembles. The woman always looks incredible, and if she wasn't so lovely, it would almost be unfair. I mean, who deserves to look this good virtually all of the time? Let's quickly revisit her dress from last year's SAG Awards, which was a breathtaking, swan-like dream by Miu Miu.

Who else could pair a feathered belt with a halter neck and look so polished? No one, and that's a fact:

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It goes without saying that our girl's got style, and tonight only further confirms this fact. Whether or not Robbie is able to snag a win for her role as Queen Elizabeth, I can almost guarantee she will score a winning spot on more than a few best dressed lists. Bravo, Margot, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I can't wait to see what you wear next!