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The Week Of March 23 Will Be The Hardest For These Zodiac Signs


It's the dreaded "worst week" list. Remember, though, just because March 23, 2020, will be the worst week for some zodiac signs doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be all bad. Truth be told, astrology can't predict the way you're going to feel. While it can help you understand what's in store for your future, you do have a say in how you react to everything you're going through. If you were born under the influence of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you may feel somewhat challenged this week, but that doesn't mean you have to wallow in misery.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the week is bound to be intense (and not just for these zodiac signs). For one thing, Mars — planet of conflict and aggression — will join forces with Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — kicking up the drama on March 23. While this energy can be the most motivating and unstoppable force you could ever possibly imagine, it could also cause arguments and encourage you to take things way too far.

However, there are still some incredibly beautiful and enjoyable transits headed your way this week. A new moon in powerful, ambitious, and energized Aries glitters in the sky on March 24, granting you an opportunity to go after your goals with all the passion in your heart. Venus — planet of love — connects with deep Pluto and expansive Jupiter by March 28, taking your relationships to new levels and encouraging a fun-filled sense of indulgence.

Sadly, for the following zodiac signs, having a good time may be easier said than done.


Taurus: You Can't Run From Your Own Truth Any Longer

Face it, Taurus. You've been repressing your feelings for far too long and you can't keep going on like this. It's as if the universe is forcing you to slow down and pay attention to the way you feel. If uncomfortable thoughts and painful feelings begin floating to the surface, give yourself permission to feel them. The best thing you can do for yourself is dig deep and get to the core of what's going on within. Write in your journal, set aside time for solitude, participate in meditative activities, and unpack your emotional state.

Virgo: It's Time To Begin The Process Of Letting Go

You've been hanging on too tight, Virgo. There's only so much you have control over, so spend time understanding what you can change and what you cannot. If you've put a lot of work into something that's simply not showing any return on your efforts, it may be time to recognize that you're wasting your energy. If you're still being weighed down by a debt you have yet to pay, it's time to do something to alleviate some of the pressure. If there's anything you should do this week, it's lessen your load because you may be carrying far too much.

Capricorn: You're Learning How To Take Care Of Your Heart

You may be measuring your success by the wrong terms, Capricorn. It's not all about how much money you have, how hard you're working, or how much you're winning. None of that matters if your heart isn't being nurtured or understood. This week, it's time to focus on the success that lies within and the achievements that no one ever sees. How is the love in your life? Focus on caring for your loved ones and caring for yourself on an emotional level. If that part of your life is being sacrificed for outward success, your success may not be that successful at all.