These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & It'll Feel Like A Dream

If you believe Mercury retrograde means the world is coming to an end, you're probably not going to believe me when I say that this week has the potential to be really beautiful. After all, Pisces season is still underway, filling the air with its magical, dreamlike, and compassionate vibes. Venus is in friendship-oriented, bubbly, and charismatic Aquarius. Uranus just entered stable, earthen, and luxurious Taurus, launching all of us through a new chapter of life. These are things to be excited about, and as of March 11, 2019, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. If you've got placements in the following zodiac signs (namely your rising sign), you'll feel this energy strongly.

When the sun is in Pisces, it's time for you to swim through the depths of your imagination, cleanse your spirit from deep within, and embrace your feelings and emotions. Even though Mercury is retrograding through Pisces, increasing disorganization and error, it's also showing you a whole new facet of Pisces. Use this energy to review everything in your life and realize that you always have the option to go a different route or see things differently. During Mercury retrograde, refuse to allow yourself to be married to anything. Now is not the time to make permanent decisions if you can help it. Instead, entertain other possibilities.

Cancer: You're Ready To Fly Away Into The Distance

You're feeling the wind beneath your wings lately because the sun is in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy. You're inspired to travel, visit new haunts, learn new things, and expand your belief system. Right now is not the time play it safe or wrap yourself up in constricting values. Instead, engage in cultural exchange. Meet new people, dive into a subject you know nothing about, and try tasting a new cuisine.

Because Mercury will also retrograde through your ninth house, you're encouraged to use this time reflecting on your beliefs and remaining open-minded. Don't do anything drastic like enroll in a long program or book a trip around the world. Instead, contemplate ideas.

Scorpio: You're Playing Around Like A Little Kid Again

This is not the time to let adulting get you down. Whoever told you that you should stop having fun and start getting to work has no place in your mentality right now. The sun is in your fifth house of pleasure and fun, and the whole point of your Pisces season is to understand that without fun, life would be meaningless. If something feels good, do it. Don't think about the if's, and's or but's.

However, Mercury retrogrades through your fifth house, which means that the things you normally enjoy may not feel enjoyable. Use this as a chance to test out new forms of fun and reconnect to your inner-child. There's no point in stressing over what the point of it all is. The point is to have a good time.

Pisces: You're Feeling So Confident And Ready For Anything

The sun is in your first house of the self and the universe is radiating with your artistic, dreamy, and sensitive nature. No one understands what Pisces can teach the world better than you do. You're being infused with confidence, self-love, and creativity. You're glowing with the light of the sun and feeling assured in your skin. Recognize everything about you that has proven strength, resilience, and triumph. You're been through so much in the last year and it's proven what you're capable of.

Use the power you're feeling to truly make this upcoming year a great one. There will inevitably be highs and lows, but it's all about how you deal with whatever comes your way.